Friday, November 6, 2009

After extreme nerd phase, Brad shows up again

I love reminiscing about me and Brad’s relationship, it always makes me smile. I know everyone’s got their own story, but…sometimes you go out with someone, don’t really hit it off, and you end up getting married. It can work out fabulously! Brad and I were set up by a mutual friend almost 2 years ago and we didn’t realize just how cool we were… Then this January we ran into each other at another mutual friend’s movie event. We hung out that night and both realized there was a lot more to the other person than we’d originally discovered.
We just happen to have pictures of our first date and our second reunion a year later:
It just clicked the second time and we immediately began spending a lot of time together. Brad was refreshingly different in his approach to pursuing me; I was still kinda warming back into the idea of relationships. He was very patient with me and willing to give me as much time as I needed before we became something more “official.” We went salsa dancing, to monster truck rallies, milk jug throwing, MC Hammer concerts, and I finally figured out that I really wanted to date this guy. So, I put the moves on him.

Our relationship had what you might call a very natural progression, if not on a little slower pace than some, until we went on the long anticipated graduation trip to the Bahamas and undisclosed nearby islands. It’s amazing what a little forbidden island of paradise can do for a relationship…

Autumn Activities

Sunday drive taking the rough, steep, winding road home from heber. (pretty sure it was more than 5 miles)

Halloween Trick-or-Treating with my hot lil' Harry Potter :)
Decorating sugar cookies with our scary neices and nephews

    first time experience with Thriller- cool and fun for the most part!


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