all about me!

I am the semi-spoiled youngest child of 6. Born an raised in the land of milk and honey, Bountiful. I became a cougar and studied to teach home economics at BYU. I loved my classes- family meal management, sewing, cooking, floral design, child developement, interior design, etc. I served an LDS mission in Santiago, Chile 05'-07' then for some reason I decided to challenge myself academically and took horrible classes like statistics and chemistry in order to apply to nursing school. I graduated from the Y and then graduated from the U of U with my BSN preparing to become a labor and delivery nurse. Then I decided to just make my own babies and get pregnant with twins.  I'm pretty much still a newly-wed living in Utah with mi amor, Brad.  He's the best.  Our little Lyla and June arrived in February and they are already the joys of my life!
So, I love my babies. I love being warm. I love food.  I wrote my first cookbook when I was 6, it was about all the different ways to make a peanut butter sandwich. (The only one I remember is PB/honey/rice krispies, the girls love it!) My palate has matured since then, but food has always been a passion of mine. I love traveling and I make dishes from around the world. From the traditional to very exotic, I love learning about authentic recipes then adding my own personal touch to them. I use my mom's recipes, interrogate waiters, google research, and experiment in the kitchen to figure out the recipes I love. Brad is very supportive of my passion for cooking, and I love having someone besides myself to cook for everyday! oooh and I just can't wait to make my kids cookies when they come home from school!
I love to spend time with my family, my favorite memories come from great meals and traditions with them around the holidays. I’m excited sharing new memories now with my husband! I love a good adventure and have been able to visit some very exotic places including Morocco, Costa Rica, India, China, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Portugal and a lot of those lovely European countries. Marriage has already been the greatest adventure and I can't wait for all the adventures of parenthood!


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