Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a look back at a wonderfully cushy 2012

Well it's a new year and I'm not going to make promises to myself that I'll blog regularly because I've realized I'm just not together enough to keep up with it. What I WILL tell you is that I'm going to blog in more detail about our time in Hong Kong and travels from last year, because I miss it and because I want to. Also, I take so many pictures and I really want to get them organized and printed into books for us- and I think keeping up with my blog a bit will help me keep things straight a little and remember some of the context behind the pictures.
I can't help but look longingly back at 2012. I'm sure 2013 will be great, but so far I don't have too many expectations because we don't have any big plans (and the girls are about to loose their free flying status!) boo!
 I'm not really sure what to expect besides the fact that June and Lyla will keep growing up and that's always fun to see of course. Even that doesn't seem like it will be quite so dramatic this year though.  It's amazing to think about the little babies they were at the start of the year and the toddlers they became by the end of it. This year they were weaned, they turned 1, they learned to walk, they learned to talk- they've changed so much in every way!
2012 was an epic year for our family that I imagine won't be topped for us in many ways.  Brad hates when I show off, so let me say I fully understand our last year was CRAZY and I can hardly believe we were able to do so much- and I also recognize it won't likely happen again. So let me just reminisce because it DID happen and I want to enjoy the memories.
It started out with an amazing trip to Cabo {our first and only trip sans babies so far!}, a family trip to Hawaii, a long anticipated trip to Europe, and a completely unexpected 2 1/2 month adventure to Hong Kong.
A little unreal, right? Oh gosh, I miss 2012. At least I still have all of the seasons and different holidays and traditions to look forward to no matter what! I look forward to them at least as much as I do traveling so I'll focus on that this year. :)


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