Tuesday, February 22, 2011

here we go!

I've been pregnant for 38 weeks now and we're heading to the hospital to have our babies! I'm mostly excited and a little nervous. Because of the babies positions and my own body we have a scheduled c-section. I was hoping for a while that it would change and felt dissapointed by the whole section thing, but its the safest thing in my situation and I feel okay about it now. I'm choosing to look at the benefits of a c-section and not worry about the disadvantages since that is how it's going down either way.
We're ready for this. (as ready as we ever will be!)
My sister had her cute little boy Tommy 5 days ago, see us admiring and getting excited for our own?
Bring on the babies! (and wish us luck!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a place for babies

I have been working on a lot of last minute projects before the babies come. Just to name a few- my mom came and helped me clean and organize the kitchen last week (it was a big job), then finish painting the kitchen earlier this week. Yesterday I painted stripes on our nursery wall. (my mother-in-law had no clue what she was getting herself into when she offered to help out at the house :)) Brad has been busy, but has managed to help me with some random jobs we never got around to finishing.
Our house is pretty much clean and ready now- it feels so good! I seriously can't believe it, 2 weeks ago I thought it was hopeless. You'd think doing all kinds of house projects (climbing up on ladders etc) 9 months pregnant might lead to labor, but I'm pretty sure these babies would stay inside me until they were full-sized adults if they weren't scheduled to arrive in a few days...
The nursery is pretty much done now, so I thought I'd show it off. I've been thinking about the nursery for months, but it remained our "closet" for a long time.
A month or 2 ago we finally took out all our clothes and painted the walls. I painted some frames from the DI and filled them with images that I liked.  I found cribs on ksl and had them painted to my liking.
(I still want to add their names to the wall, I'm not sure if we'll get around to that.)
 Brad's parents gave us an armoire that we had painted and we got a dresser on ksl that I painted:
(We'll hang something on that wall at some point...)
We got a killer deal on this comfy new rocker from downeast home just because it didn't have a cover that fit. That meant I had to make one of those (ugh), it was a little tricky without a pattern...it's not perfect, but I was proud of myself and it works.
 The crib bedding was actually fun to make (not so hard!)
Basically each one of these projects could be done in a day (painting the dresser, painting the tree, painting stripes, making crib bedding, making a rocker cover..) it just took several days/weeks between each to work up the mental energy to move on to the next project. Ever since it started coming together I've liked to go sit in the rocker and just be in that room. Brad has come by before and asked what I'm doing. I can't quite answer that question, but I can tell you this- I like the nursery. :)
We just need 2 little girls to put in here now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

one of the last belly shots...

I'm glad my belly can only grow for a week or so more- not only does it feel like it weighs a million pounds whenever I move, but it is just starting to look crazy!
It is seriously unreal for me to look at sometimes...it makes me laugh. It's easier for me to imagine it like a big basketball stuffed under there.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

good news

So I graduated from nursing school during my first trimester and after about a month took the NCLEX. I did try to prepare, but I was very distracted. The test was hard. About 1/2 the questions I was asked weren't even multiple choice, but "select all that apply" out of 5 options- even the subjects I knew well were hard to feel confident with all the options. I was asked the minimum of 75 questions, so I figured I must have passed, because there was no way I failed that bad...but I did. I went through the stages of grief and for about a month was convinced I would not attempt it again. I eventually realized that wouldn't be the best choice so I re-registered, but didn't want to think about it over the holidays etc. I finally decided to wait until 2 weeks before the twins are coming to try and take the test again.
My view the past couple weeks:
I studied a little more this time. I planned for a solid week to not cook, not do baby projects, or clean house. The funny thing is that this time I was 2 weeks out from having twins- my pregnancy brain barely allows me to recall the word for "vacume" when I want the thing that cleans the floor. On top of this I was in the midst of a terrible sinus infection- an infection that gave me throbbing pain in my head, teeth and jaw when moving from sitting to standing, spread to my eye making me look like I'd been slugged when I woke up, and also only allowed me a total of about 4 hrs sleep combined for the 2 nights before the test. Not a perfect situation, I tried to change the appointment date, but it was the last time I could take it before the babies come.
The test seemed way easier than the first time I took it, I probably only got 5 questions of "select all that apply". I thought I'd at least be borderline this time and would get the total 265 questions, but a little after an hour into it I was again kicked out at 75 questions. I was a little mad, there was no way I passed when the exam was so much easier. To heck with it I decided. I'm having babies now, I'm over this. Even though I know I've done harder things and know I'm not a stupid person, for some reason the NCLEX had eluded me.
Last night my sister called me to find out the "official" news. I'd forgotten to even check, so I skeptically got online and was shocked to find Katie Lewis Hagen as a registered nurse in Holladay, UT. I wasn't expecting it at all, but it was such a nice surprise and I feel like something heavy was lifted off my shoulders. Its so great to have out of the way before I enter this next stage of life, I feel pretty blessed. It was so fun to finally tell my family that good news after all their support through my nursing journey. Brad and I made it out to celebrate late last night with some delicious chocolate dessert:
Our girls will be here so soon, and I feel like there is so much I want to get done before they arrive- I'm so glad I can go back to focusing on more important things. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

shower power

I have been sick with some sort of nasty sinus infection, it makes the most horrible combo with late pregnancy discomfort. My sister's mother-in-law says that getting miserable towards the end of pregnancy is God's way of making sure you want the babies out. So true- crying babies? whatever. Its virutally impossible to get less sleep than what I'm getting, may as well have some little cuddly babies around to make it worth it, right? I'm going a little crazy as the days get closer to the babies arrival- instead of getting everything ready I'm sitting on the couch trying to "rest" as I watch stupid TV shows and blog. It's giving me anxiety attacks, so hopefully my new meds kick in soon and help me feel better. I'll quit being a whiner now and talk about something fun.
Last week (or the week before?) the girls grandmas and aunties threw a little shower. Sometimes it feels weird inviting people to a shower (wanna buy me a gift? I cordially invite you to...) and I felt a little guilty, (wasn't it like a year ago I had those bridal showers?) but... it was so fun, when it came down to it I didn't even care- I had so much fun seeing people, talking baby stuff, and our girls were literally showered with the cutest stuff. I've got the best family/friends of family. So spoiled. So fun.
I finally uploaded some pictures:
See how fun showers are?! You get 2 of everything!
My nieces were perfect little gift helpers.
Looking all fat and happy with baby wipes:
My mom's house looked all sweet and girly:
shower people:
yummy food:
I traditionally make these big sweet rolls/orange rolls for family baby blessings in the shape of the 1st letter of their name...you can kinda see it...
My, don't we look pregnant?
We made some little cupcakes for favors:
There were 2 to a box, like a thank you from 2 buns in the oven- that wasn't specified so I don't think anyone got it. That's okay, the cream cheese frosting was pretty fabulous- that's what is most important.
the loot:
Couldn't say thank you enough. We have felt all kinds of love and support in so many ways!


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