Saturday, February 5, 2011

shower power

I have been sick with some sort of nasty sinus infection, it makes the most horrible combo with late pregnancy discomfort. My sister's mother-in-law says that getting miserable towards the end of pregnancy is God's way of making sure you want the babies out. So true- crying babies? whatever. Its virutally impossible to get less sleep than what I'm getting, may as well have some little cuddly babies around to make it worth it, right? I'm going a little crazy as the days get closer to the babies arrival- instead of getting everything ready I'm sitting on the couch trying to "rest" as I watch stupid TV shows and blog. It's giving me anxiety attacks, so hopefully my new meds kick in soon and help me feel better. I'll quit being a whiner now and talk about something fun.
Last week (or the week before?) the girls grandmas and aunties threw a little shower. Sometimes it feels weird inviting people to a shower (wanna buy me a gift? I cordially invite you to...) and I felt a little guilty, (wasn't it like a year ago I had those bridal showers?) but... it was so fun, when it came down to it I didn't even care- I had so much fun seeing people, talking baby stuff, and our girls were literally showered with the cutest stuff. I've got the best family/friends of family. So spoiled. So fun.
I finally uploaded some pictures:
See how fun showers are?! You get 2 of everything!
My nieces were perfect little gift helpers.
Looking all fat and happy with baby wipes:
My mom's house looked all sweet and girly:
shower people:
yummy food:
I traditionally make these big sweet rolls/orange rolls for family baby blessings in the shape of the 1st letter of their can kinda see it...
My, don't we look pregnant?
We made some little cupcakes for favors:
There were 2 to a box, like a thank you from 2 buns in the oven- that wasn't specified so I don't think anyone got it. That's okay, the cream cheese frosting was pretty fabulous- that's what is most important.
the loot:
Couldn't say thank you enough. We have felt all kinds of love and support in so many ways!


Brooke said...

How fun!! I know you're probably not going to believe me Katie, but you look so cute (as always!), I wish I could've been there for your shower! Absolutely cannot wait to meet your girls so soon!!

Bre said...

So fun! I loved having a shower (but totally know what you mean about inviting people). I took me FOREVER to open all my presents because I got two gifts per person. I didn't even think about it when I was having twins that it would mean I'd get two presents each. It was crazy...but so fun! Enjoy it! you so close to holding your sweet baby girls! So excited for you!!!


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