Sunday, February 13, 2011

one of the last belly shots...

I'm glad my belly can only grow for a week or so more- not only does it feel like it weighs a million pounds whenever I move, but it is just starting to look crazy!
It is seriously unreal for me to look at makes me laugh. It's easier for me to imagine it like a big basketball stuffed under there.

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Rachel Hagen said...

oh you look good! I'm sure you're eager to get those girlies out and meet them!
when you said you have one head down and the other not, I first thought, "oh that sucks, she'll have to go through labor AND a C-Section." Then I realized they wouldn't make you do that if you didn't have to. One C-Section for the two would suffice. :)
Glad to hear y'all are doing well, we'll be praying and anticipating the arrival!


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