Thursday, December 20, 2012

in the dark streets shineth

As much as I'm missing Hong Kong this is a good time of year to come home- it's too easy to enjoy the Christmas season and it distracts me from how sad I felt when we first left. It feels a little rushed squeezing all our Christmas traditions into a couple weeks instead of nearly a couple months- but we're having fun trying!
The weather is cold, but we've been making an effort to get out of the house and enjoy the season- after all the constant stimulation of city life I think the girls (and myself) would be bored to death if we just stayed home all day and weren't around a few more people.  At least right now we have the tree to entertain them.
Yesterday we went over to city creek and got a little dinner while the girls ran around inside at the play area. It is so beautiful down there and it makes me happy that I can take my girls shopping downtown like my mom did when I was little....AND they brought back the ZCMI candy windows! Which has all but restored my faith in humanity.
I always looked forward to them every year so it was a fun surprise to see their return.
City Creek, you've outdone yourself. 
Now all they need is the old ZCMI candy counter and I could really recreate some of my favorite memories of shopping with my mom...
Temple square at Christmas time is so magical. The girls didn't even seem to mind the freezing cold too much.

They love baby Jesus, which of course melts my heart. They like to point him out in manger scenes. 
I love when the girls get all cuddly- just another benefit of the cold I guess?
family photo attempt #34. When will the kind strangers who offer to take photos for us stop aiming at the cement below us? :)
We were all pretty cold afterwards so when we got home I thought it'd be a nice opportunity to give the girls their first taste of hot cocoa. I made up some cadbury cocoa I brought back from Hong Kong and whipped up some cream with crushed candy canes- I just knew they were going to love it.
And then something strange happened....they tasted, they stuck their fingers in...and then they were done.
Not as big of a hit as I was anticipating. Oh well, it was sort of cute to watch anyways and maybe they'll understand the cocoa business better next time. All in all a successful trip to see the lights at temple square!


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