Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4 months & firsts

It is amazes me that the girls are four months old today. They are really growing up fast! They do so much more than they used to- rolling over, laughing, grabbing for things, interacting with us and each other- they are having fun! June started rolling last week and now she can basically roll across a room. Lyla must have decided she wanted us to be able to say they both were rolling over by 4 months because she just rolled over for the first time today.
This fourth month they had a lot of firsts (besides hitting some milestones). Some might say they were a little young for a couple of these things, but to them we say, "what the heck!" We want them experiencing life from the beginning of it. :)

1st roadtrip

1st train ride

1st trip to the beach
First shopping trip with mom

1st plane ride

1st time "in" the pool & ocean

1st disney experience

Sweet little June and Lyla, we hope you girls are having fun with us because I'm sure having fun with you! Thanks for letting me be your mommy, it really is the best job in the world. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

June rolls!

June is a little roller! Last Sunday she finally made it all the way over, and lately whenever I set her down she pops right onto that tummy. After a minute it makes her pretty mad because she is stuck there. Lyla isn't too far behind, she's rolling from side to side and getting pretty close! :)
I guess it's not that surprising since she's been doing almost yoga-like poses like this during tummy time since before she was even 2 months old.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Padres Day!

Dearest Daddy,
We love you so. We know you don't read mommy's blog much, but we had to get creative since we got home late last night and you left early this morning. We're hip little babies and decided to use the world wide web to show our love. We're sad we don't get to spend our first father's day with you. You're better at holding us sideways on your arm than mommy. We like when you try to make us laugh. It's nice when you overcome your fear of changing our diapers and get us nice and clean. Thanks for taking us with you across the country, we would have missed you too much! We want to celebrate Brad style when you're back- whatever you want. Burgers, ESPN, it's your call. You're the best daddy.
Lyla & June
Ps- We miss you. Hearing the young women tell why they loved their dads today got us a little teary eyed...maybe that was mom.

Unless you're our daddy I'd just ignore this video or listen to it muted. He's stuck w/ our mom so it doesn't matter how ultra lame she acts sometimes.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

flying to florida

Well, here we are in Florida! It is WARM and MOIST, which is very confusing to all of us. (I think I get why people use baby powder now!) Brad is working a lot and I forgot to bring my mom. :( The hotel, adequate..but I don't want to spend my whole time here.  I haven't been to Orlando since I was 4.  I'm going to figure out everything that is free to do with the girls, then take pictures by the signs to everything else so the girls feel like they've been there. :) (hello, I'm not about to drop $80 on activities they will sleep through/not care about.)
I never even blogged about our roadtrip to Cali.  Maybe doubling up on nursing more contriutes to less blogging, I normally write posts while feeding. Sometimes I think I'm about done w/ the whole blogging thing, but it really is an easy journal (with pictures!) that I like to look back on sometimes and I think the girls will enjoy reading one day.
I may backtrack to our previous trip a little sometime, but I can say the girls have been excellent travel companions! (besides being naughty sleepers last night...)  Their first roadtrip couldn't have gone better and their first flight was excellent! It didn't seem like their ears bothered them at all, and there was almost no crying. knock on wood.
We were pretty late getting to the gate on a full flight to Denver, people were nice and let us sit together, but then the airline was all twinist and said we couldn't be on the same row since they only have 4 O2 masks. I was sad Brad wasn't around because June was laughing up a storm on the flight, probably her first real laughing.  Luckily on the second flight there was an extra seat so we got to be together and set babies down, which was nice. They girls were even officially saluted with a certificate signed by the pilot for their first flight. So cute.

Monday, June 6, 2011

you can cry if you want to

Today we got all ready for a little trip to the doctor. They need some vaccines to protect them from strange diseases while we visit foreign lands.  As suspected, we also discovered that Lyla's superb eating skills have made her a full pound bigger than June.
Poor things, lookin' all cute and bright-eyed. No clue what's about to hit them. They were so sad this time they couldn't even remember how to cry, they just squeaked for a minute with the saddest little faces in the world. Then their lungs remembered what they were made for.  Since the tylenol and car ride, they are both sleeping soundly. They've probably already forgotten about the doctor visit...wouldn't it be nice to be a baby sometimes?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

like father, like daughter

We've always known that Lyla is little Brad, but now even June is looking like him. They are darling and perfect...but it just isn't fair. I bore them. Is there no little me? I'm still convinced that at least June has some of me that will come through...


Friday, June 3, 2011

rockin' the bjorns

Just another one of my many wise KSL purchases. The girls are actually big enough to enjoy the baby bjorns now! It was perfect for the beach, and I have a feeling we'll get a lot of use out of them on our upcoming family trips this summer.  I think life was meant to be spent traveling with your family.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

let's all sleep

We had the funnest little roadtrip down to Newport Beach. I took hundreds of *adorable* pictures of the girls and have looked forward to sharing a few on la blog, but the girls had different plans and have been little stinkers ever since we got back. I have got next to no sleep the past 3 nights, so it's about all I can do to just upload pictures to my computer. (and try not to loose my mind) The only time they are both sleeping is when I'm driving in the car. I guess I should be glad they were little angels for the trip and made perfect traveling companions.
There was this one time today when we all got to rest for a couple minutes. Ya know, until Lyla started freaking out and kicked me in the face. True story.
PS- just noticed...completely unplanned, it looks like all of us like to cuddle w/ our right hand. :)


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