Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4 months & firsts

It is amazes me that the girls are four months old today. They are really growing up fast! They do so much more than they used to- rolling over, laughing, grabbing for things, interacting with us and each other- they are having fun! June started rolling last week and now she can basically roll across a room. Lyla must have decided she wanted us to be able to say they both were rolling over by 4 months because she just rolled over for the first time today.
This fourth month they had a lot of firsts (besides hitting some milestones). Some might say they were a little young for a couple of these things, but to them we say, "what the heck!" We want them experiencing life from the beginning of it. :)

1st roadtrip

1st train ride

1st trip to the beach
First shopping trip with mom

1st plane ride

1st time "in" the pool & ocean

1st disney experience

Sweet little June and Lyla, we hope you girls are having fun with us because I'm sure having fun with you! Thanks for letting me be your mommy, it really is the best job in the world. :)


Rachel Hagen said...

ahhh the little mickey ears are too cute!! Looks like you guys had a nice time in Florida!!

Brittany said...

They are so SO cute! And you look amazing! Not in a creepy way, but in a "as a fellow twin mom, I think you're rockin' your post babies body quite well". :)


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