Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Padres Day!

Dearest Daddy,
We love you so. We know you don't read mommy's blog much, but we had to get creative since we got home late last night and you left early this morning. We're hip little babies and decided to use the world wide web to show our love. We're sad we don't get to spend our first father's day with you. You're better at holding us sideways on your arm than mommy. We like when you try to make us laugh. It's nice when you overcome your fear of changing our diapers and get us nice and clean. Thanks for taking us with you across the country, we would have missed you too much! We want to celebrate Brad style when you're back- whatever you want. Burgers, ESPN, it's your call. You're the best daddy.
Lyla & June
Ps- We miss you. Hearing the young women tell why they loved their dads today got us a little teary eyed...maybe that was mom.

Unless you're our daddy I'd just ignore this video or listen to it muted. He's stuck w/ our mom so it doesn't matter how ultra lame she acts sometimes.

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