Wednesday, June 1, 2011

let's all sleep

We had the funnest little roadtrip down to Newport Beach. I took hundreds of *adorable* pictures of the girls and have looked forward to sharing a few on la blog, but the girls had different plans and have been little stinkers ever since we got back. I have got next to no sleep the past 3 nights, so it's about all I can do to just upload pictures to my computer. (and try not to loose my mind) The only time they are both sleeping is when I'm driving in the car. I guess I should be glad they were little angels for the trip and made perfect traveling companions.
There was this one time today when we all got to rest for a couple minutes. Ya know, until Lyla started freaking out and kicked me in the face. True story.
PS- just noticed...completely unplanned, it looks like all of us like to cuddle w/ our right hand. :)


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