Monday, June 6, 2011

you can cry if you want to

Today we got all ready for a little trip to the doctor. They need some vaccines to protect them from strange diseases while we visit foreign lands.  As suspected, we also discovered that Lyla's superb eating skills have made her a full pound bigger than June.
Poor things, lookin' all cute and bright-eyed. No clue what's about to hit them. They were so sad this time they couldn't even remember how to cry, they just squeaked for a minute with the saddest little faces in the world. Then their lungs remembered what they were made for.  Since the tylenol and car ride, they are both sleeping soundly. They've probably already forgotten about the doctor visit...wouldn't it be nice to be a baby sometimes?


M+H said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot get over them. I am DYING to see them! I can't wait! And I think Melia will love them. She loves babies!

Are you really taking them somewhere foreign, or do you just mean the grocery store? :)

I'm glad you believe in vaccinating. Even though it's so sad to watch. :(

M+H said...

OH and PS, keep up the cute headbands. People made fun of me for ALWAYS having Melia look so "perfect" with a headband on and all. Mike would take them off sometimes because he didn't think they were comfortable. BUT, Melia has a lot of hair now and for the most part she'll keep bows in her hair and I know it's because I started a birth. If you wait til they have more hair, they'll never keep their hair done.

krayzid0rk said...

I see mama in the left and daddy in the right. They are so adorable. Love the outfits.

Emery has his shots a week from today and I'm gonna cry. Just hoping he's a trooper and doesn't cry at all like he did at the hospital for his Hep B. One can hope!


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