Wednesday, December 14, 2011

call me mama & nursery pics

So the girls both say "dada" all the time and I haven't been able to get them to attempt mama. Tonight I learned why they never say mama...they know me as Katie apparently.
Brad called for me upstairs and June looked right to the stairs and said "Ka". I came up and she looked at me and said "ka, ka". I laughed and said, "no, I'm mama." Are you going to call us dada & Katie?" And she looked at me and said da, ka. da ka. This is not a joke, really happened, just like that. So...uh...anyone got some advice on teaching babies manners & respect and not referring to their own mother by her first name?! ;)
PS- Lyla had a beaver tooth of sorts come out on top, we're talking an adult sized tooth, it's unreal. I can't imagine what she's going to look like when both of them come down, but shes going to have to start walking to the nickel store and eating lolly pops when it does... She isn't going to look like a baby at all in like 2 weeks- I need to go photo crazy, but it's in the midst of Christmas basically baby Lyla is gone, prepare to see my adult-children with full sets of adult teeth shortly.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hark the herald angels sing!

So the place I order headband supplies from had wings for like $2, seemed like a sound investment for 2 daughters who will likely be angels for our family nativity every Christmas...
But then I got carried away, as usual. 
 Little angel Lyla, I love her little hand.

 Little angel June
 Angel peek-a-boo
 Lyla was teething and so not in the mood for this shoot...
 Of course the lighting is perfect and they somewhat pose for me when the background is the chaos of getting our house ready for Christmas! Realistic I guess.

 So on my mac it doesn't seem to save anything I do on iphoto, the pictures I delete still show up and any edits that I do don't show up. These would look much better if they were at least cropped to show only the silver there a simple solution? Oh well, the girls are still cute. :)

 Normally they have a lot of fun when I'm taking pictures of them, but on this one they really seemed like they were just trying to escape me the whole time.
The girls should both be napping at this moment, but I heard them laughing in there while I uploaded these pics, now they're both crying- so I'm off to wrangle two ornery, tired babies! Sometimes they're not angels when they're supposed to be sleeping...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

oh tannenbaum!

 I love the memories from growing up going to pick out a tree each Christmas. We went to the same lot and some years the tree was bigger or fuller than others, but I was always surprised how big it looked once we got it inside. It smelled so nice and I remember watching my mom string the lights as if it were an art form. We'd all help decorate and when I was little the corner behind the tree was my very favorite spot to play. I'd climb back there and play with different ornaments. Luckily the thing was tied to the ceiling ever since it fell on my brother one year! :0
Now days since all the kids are out of the house my mom has a big, lovely fake tree. I don't blame her, I probably will at that point in life too...but until then I always want to have a real tree! This is our 3rd Christmas as a little family and we've started our own tradition of going to our own little lot and picking our tree each year.  Of course, it's more fun taking June & Lyla there!
 Don't be surprised if one of these images ends up on your fridge. (well, maybe...I need to order our Christmas cards today, yikes!)
 They were pretty interested in all the trees.

 me & my girls

 Lyla wanted to get up close and personal with the tree, then realized it wasn't the best idea.
 better to get up close and personal with daddy.

 June was into that too.

 Last year we got a deal on our tree using my huge belly full of babies, this year we got a deal showing off the adorable twins who needed their first pretty Christmas tree! ;)

 We found the one. It took several days to get around to decorating the thing, but such is life with babies!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas hits the nursery

 Ahh, it's December and here I am blogging about things happening in this very month, that feels right. First things first for the girls first Christmas, we got the girls a nativity to play with and a little tree for the nursery. I can't get over how much I love Christmas with babies!
 I really like how the little tree turned out, nothing is breakable and everything is hard to pull off except their hairbows which make up half of the "ornaments".  The girls have been pretty gentle with the tree so far so we've been able to leave it on the floor, they like to look on it and sometimes pull on it a little, just enough so that the bells jingle.
 I am so happy with how much they love playing with the nativity. Lyla's favorite thing is to pull the angel off the top of the manger, June just loves biting the cow's head.
 They like baby Jesus too. :)
 Sometimes when they're playing together it's a good opportunity for me to get some things done, but whenever they're playing with their nativity I can't help but watch or join in!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Celebrating Zinch

 Zinch had a party here in Utah a few weeks back celebrating the big sale, and in a few weeks the founders are celebrating by going on a little 4 day vacation with their wives...and no babies.  I know it will be nice, but I'm also nervous. It's a little tricky with the girls feedings and I've never been away from them for more than a few hours. I feel a little anxiety whenever I think about it, but I'm excited too...

Here's Lyla posing at the party:
 Here's June posing:
 I can't even tell you what's going on here:
 Lyla is rockin' out to the band.
 June actually fell asleep to the band, some very relaxing rap music.
 "Uncle Al" helping out. :)
 They're such little socialites.

 Parties are always such fun.


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