Saturday, December 10, 2011

oh tannenbaum!

 I love the memories from growing up going to pick out a tree each Christmas. We went to the same lot and some years the tree was bigger or fuller than others, but I was always surprised how big it looked once we got it inside. It smelled so nice and I remember watching my mom string the lights as if it were an art form. We'd all help decorate and when I was little the corner behind the tree was my very favorite spot to play. I'd climb back there and play with different ornaments. Luckily the thing was tied to the ceiling ever since it fell on my brother one year! :0
Now days since all the kids are out of the house my mom has a big, lovely fake tree. I don't blame her, I probably will at that point in life too...but until then I always want to have a real tree! This is our 3rd Christmas as a little family and we've started our own tradition of going to our own little lot and picking our tree each year.  Of course, it's more fun taking June & Lyla there!
 Don't be surprised if one of these images ends up on your fridge. (well, maybe...I need to order our Christmas cards today, yikes!)
 They were pretty interested in all the trees.

 me & my girls

 Lyla wanted to get up close and personal with the tree, then realized it wasn't the best idea.
 better to get up close and personal with daddy.

 June was into that too.

 Last year we got a deal on our tree using my huge belly full of babies, this year we got a deal showing off the adorable twins who needed their first pretty Christmas tree! ;)

 We found the one. It took several days to get around to decorating the thing, but such is life with babies!

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nerak said...

i know i usually ooh and aah over the babies, and they are as adorable as always. but that coat and hat are PERFECT. you are so cute, katie!


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