Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 Phew, catching up the blog is proving difficult. Its so much better blogging about what is currently happening, but how can I not share some of these pictures? The girls have been sick and taking up all my time day and night, but I'm holding June while Lyla naps so you all get to learn about our fabulous Thanksgiving!
 I figured I have two babies celebrating their first Thanksgiving, and the very first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Pilgrims & Indians, so it only seemed appropriate to dress the girls up as such...
 They wore these outfits for a couple random meals, to their doctor's appointment, for my little photo shoot, and of course, on Thanksgiving! Here we are full of food and gratitude on that blessed day:
 We were with the Hagens this year, we decided to dress up all the cousins, but Sammy wouldn't have it. ;)
 Grandma Barbara has been such a help to me with these girls, sometimes she is my assistant photographer.
 Pilgrim June
 Sometimes it seems like the Indians didn't get a fair deal...
 Aw, how cute is little Indian Lyla?
 Sweet Juney
 Just playin' away
 humoring their crazy mother...
 Taking in the holiday.
Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving too!

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