Monday, December 12, 2011

Hark the herald angels sing!

So the place I order headband supplies from had wings for like $2, seemed like a sound investment for 2 daughters who will likely be angels for our family nativity every Christmas...
But then I got carried away, as usual. 
 Little angel Lyla, I love her little hand.

 Little angel June
 Angel peek-a-boo
 Lyla was teething and so not in the mood for this shoot...
 Of course the lighting is perfect and they somewhat pose for me when the background is the chaos of getting our house ready for Christmas! Realistic I guess.

 So on my mac it doesn't seem to save anything I do on iphoto, the pictures I delete still show up and any edits that I do don't show up. These would look much better if they were at least cropped to show only the silver there a simple solution? Oh well, the girls are still cute. :)

 Normally they have a lot of fun when I'm taking pictures of them, but on this one they really seemed like they were just trying to escape me the whole time.
The girls should both be napping at this moment, but I heard them laughing in there while I uploaded these pics, now they're both crying- so I'm off to wrangle two ornery, tired babies! Sometimes they're not angels when they're supposed to be sleeping...


M+H said...

so cute! my mac has issues sometimes too. when i "reduce noise" it never saves. but as for everything else, do you move the photos to a file outside of iphoto before uploading them to your blog? because i have to do that cause i cannot access iphoto from my blog. just make sure you click out of the picture, then back into the picture before you move them to a new file. that's the only way they save for me. i don't know if this makes sense or helps, but worth a try.

Da Denninghoff's said...

Oh my heck those girls look so adorable. You could seriously contact Halmark cards and people would seriously buy cards like that. Simply Precious!


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