Monday, August 30, 2010

1+1=4, that's how we roll.

I may finally be getting a warm winter this year, thanks to 2 little passengers along for the ride with me:
Twins coming! February 2010
Life is about to change...or as my brother put it, "your life is over".

MY FIRST REACTION: "I'm going to be huge."
Yes, I believe this was the first thing I said. When the doctor showed us the ultrasound I thought, oh there's just one. But I could tell he was not telling us something as he showed us the sack, baby, and heartbeat. I thought something was wrong with the baby. Then he showed us a second sack, baby, and heartbeat. I was all like WHAT? Then I saw this third dark circle and exclaimed in horror, "what is that!?". Oh, that's your bladder. Phew. I mean twins, that's exciting. Triplets, that's too much like a kitty litter for me.

BRAD'S FIRST REACTION: "Maybe one of the twins will eat the other like Dwight did in the office."
Yes, Brad now realizes that this wasn't the most appropriate comment. He was more shocked than I was at first and was lacking in the excitement factor. I think he almost fainted. We went home and he had to lay down for a long time. I didn't really help as I began fretting about how expensive twins were going to be, "2 cribs, 2 car seats, 2 high chairs, double strollers, twice the diapers, anytime we see something cool for baby we can't get just one..." Strangely enough he realized we would have the twins for the next March madness and now fantasizes about holding our twins while watching basketball. This idea got him very excited and he has remained so ever since.

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT PREGNANCY: #1 Its amazing how you suddenly fall in love with something growing inside of you, I don't think this can happen unless you are pregnant. (tumors? parasites? I think not.) I worry about them all the time. I wake up and think, uh-oh I better tell the doctor about that...oh wait that was just a dream. like every morning.  Nothing is more important to me right now that doing everything I can to have 2 healthy babies. I'm just in love with them!
I also like saying "2 for 1!" Which is a shopping analogy, not a sports that Brad? :)

BRAD'S FAVORITE THING ABOUT PREGNANCY: I'm kind of making this up, but I think it might be that once in a while I say things like "Let's get fries and shakes!" and want greasy, fattening food that previously didn't tempt me. (I've actually been making an effort to eat more fruits and veggies, I think of it as baby medicine and down it goes.)
I also think Brad has dreamed of teaching his children sports since he was a child.
And he's in love with the babies too.

1. Tiredness. I've been pretty lucky so far and haven't had morning sickness, just your average toothbrushing gag. What I can say is that gestating takes a lot of work- I am so tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. (Note to self: don't hike Timp 2 months pregnant ever again, even if you are unaware that you are carrying twins...) I just want to sit, which is working out well because for the past month my doctor has asked me to lay around and pretty much do nothing.
2. Fear. (you know, mostly of complications, but also of fat) Literature and family keep telling me to eat more. I love this freedom, yet simultaneously fear the inevitable truth that I am going to be giant marshmallow woman in a matter of months. Twin bellies are just scary huge. I know, I've seen many of them. Yes it's selfish, but it's still scary. Honestly I'm bugged when I'm hungry because I crave stupid foods like mac n' cheese, hot dogs, and soft pretzels. I should just live at a baseball stadium since I can't seem to enjoy the "finer foods" while using my guilt-free ticket to eat more.

BRAD'S LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT PREGNANCY: He hasn't exactly told me this, but I'm certain it's my crazy pregnant lady emotions.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Outerbanks, NC

This month we had a Hagen family reunion in Nags Head, NC:
We visited the Wright brothers museum:
I'd never really done the east-coast beach thing so I had to get used to beaches like this:
After the reunion me and Brad drove down to Ocrecoke and stayed in this cute little B&B:
We ate delicious, fresh seafood and saw cool lighthouses like Cape Hatteras:
This was a little walk to where the famous pirate Blackbeard was captured:
I also loved going to Roanoke Island and seeing "the lost colony"
Good times!

Friday, August 13, 2010

man and wife

We actually have a real anniversary today! The first 6 months of marriage we semi-celebrated each month anniversary. Our first "month" married I got up and made Brad breakfast and told him it was our month anniversary, we went out to dinner and that night and talked to our parents who were all like, "didn't you get married on the 13th?" Apparently I had a lapse in my knowledge of our calender system of days and decided 4 weeks from when we married on a Thursday was one month. (I guess it was from each Thursday saying "oh we're married 1 week, 2 weeks..", and I thought 4 was one month.) Sweet little Brad went right along with it until our parents called us out.  I didn't mess up this time and think our anniversary was like Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the corresponding Thursday yesterday. I guess we're not newly-weds anymore!
In part for our anniversary we spent some time in Outer Banks, NC last week and had fun exploring little islands, but I will save the trip for another post.
This morning Brad got up and made me breakfast, I was very proud of him. Notice the artistic drizzle of syrup? He said he searched all over for vanilla to put in the french toast and settled on almond extract. We watch iron chef and the next food network star, I think it helped him get into the presentation and creativity. :) I layed in bed and tried not to walk in the kitchen to help. It was so fun to start my day off with a yummy breakfast prepared just for me!

I was a little jealous that he got to be the first one to try out the new oven, we just got it set up last night. Check out my prized possession that my parents got me for a graduation gift!
Lets get back to what we're celebrating now. Here's to one fantastic year mi amor!

Anyways, I'm in love and being married is fantastic. The end.


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