Friday, August 13, 2010

man and wife

We actually have a real anniversary today! The first 6 months of marriage we semi-celebrated each month anniversary. Our first "month" married I got up and made Brad breakfast and told him it was our month anniversary, we went out to dinner and that night and talked to our parents who were all like, "didn't you get married on the 13th?" Apparently I had a lapse in my knowledge of our calender system of days and decided 4 weeks from when we married on a Thursday was one month. (I guess it was from each Thursday saying "oh we're married 1 week, 2 weeks..", and I thought 4 was one month.) Sweet little Brad went right along with it until our parents called us out.  I didn't mess up this time and think our anniversary was like Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the corresponding Thursday yesterday. I guess we're not newly-weds anymore!
In part for our anniversary we spent some time in Outer Banks, NC last week and had fun exploring little islands, but I will save the trip for another post.
This morning Brad got up and made me breakfast, I was very proud of him. Notice the artistic drizzle of syrup? He said he searched all over for vanilla to put in the french toast and settled on almond extract. We watch iron chef and the next food network star, I think it helped him get into the presentation and creativity. :) I layed in bed and tried not to walk in the kitchen to help. It was so fun to start my day off with a yummy breakfast prepared just for me!

I was a little jealous that he got to be the first one to try out the new oven, we just got it set up last night. Check out my prized possession that my parents got me for a graduation gift!
Lets get back to what we're celebrating now. Here's to one fantastic year mi amor!

Anyways, I'm in love and being married is fantastic. The end.


Brooke said...

Katie, you and Brad are just too cute! I love it so much!

LL said...

You have the most amazing photographs! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Colby and Steph said...


kristen kathleen said...

Happy anniversary! The pics are stunning. It's amazing how fast the time flies and it's been fun seeing how you've made the most of your first year of marriage.

Natasha said...

Happy anniversary!!!


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