Monday, February 25, 2013

a trip to cali

We had such a fun trip down to California the first week of February and it was so nice to get away from the freezing temperatures and all the snow we've been getting this winter.  Even though the weather wasn't completely beachy warm we still had some fun in the sand.
I got a pedicure with my mom and sisters which always makes me happy. 
We got in some pool time which the girls loved! I think they might be ready for swimming lessons this summer. (you know, like the kind where the parent is in the water making sure they don't drown)
 I'm still in love with the swim caps I got them last summer, though they're definitely in need of new suits for this summer!
 June was bawling when it was time to leave the pool, she kept trying to jump back in.
 All the cousins had fun, especially sassy little Claire. ;)
Then went to Disneyland which is always a blast!
It was so cute when we got to the Disneyland entrance both girls started freaking out because it looks identical to Hong Kong Disneyland, I think they thought we were there. I wish that too girls. 
 We got to check out cars land which was a lot of fun! They even had a little ride which was the first ride J&L have been on where there's a (very short) height requirement. They are so grown up.

 The girls ate their first lunchables and rode the merri-go-round 3 times in a row. (not in that order)
June loved all the rides so much she'd cry every time they ended. Lyla was a little more skeptical, but still had fun even is she seemed slightly relieved when the rides were over.
They loved being around their cousins! It was fun to spend time with our California family.
We also shopped around at fashion Island and got some good deals at Macys, the girls loved running around to all the fountains & seeing the pet shop. 
We ran into the most delicious cupcakes- ever. Really chocolatey red velvet cupcakes with delicious coconut frosting. They were amazing, I tried to copy them for the girls' birthday party. 
The weather cooled down while we were there so by the time I tried to do some 2 year pictures at the beach it was pretty cold and windy.
June didn't mind.
Lyla did. 
 Even when I gave her popcorn, Lyla minded.
 Of course Sunday was the most beautiful day of our vacation, always is. :)
No one wanted to hold Lyla's hand because she had pink eye.
We didn't eat too fancy on the trip, but we made sure to get our favorite nachos and virgin pina coladas at the beach. 
Then we went home, after taking a bunch of new carpet scraps the marriot was throwing away. I'm so excited to redo our family room! :)
 A quick photo op in Vegas.
 A lot of random entertainment in the car.
 Vegas, baby.
 And back to real life.


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