Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall treats

So Brad mentioned the other day that he hasn't really noticed me have any intense pregnancy cravings. As we thought about it, we realized it's probably just less distinguishable from my normal cravings... I love food so much I think I always have that pregnancy symptom! I've been neglecting food from a blogging perspective lately, but in real life our love is still in full bloom. Fall and food were made for each other- the stews, pot pies, pumpkin, squash, cinnamon, ginger goodness- love, love, love.
I've been too overwhelmed lately with house projects and such, I noticed I've only been blogging about the babies. I think I need to find a better balance... So I'll clue you in on what happened today- I made yummy donuts with my nieces and nephews! And these ones have a healthy-ish twist: they have wheat germ and I baked them, so I didn't feel bad letting the kiddos down a few.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

they're trapped

I was telling Brad about how I've been a little anti-social, consumed with projects and plans for home & baby. Then I mentioned how I haven't been blogging as much. Brad was like, "Katie, blogging isn't social..." Well, being virtually social is one step for me. I love hanging out w/ friends in real life too, so if you're local we should get together, I don't want to be a social wreck loose anymore. :)
The reality of pregnancy is hitting me harder these days. I'm suddenly feeling huge, wearing official maternity clothes, and experiencing some new pregnancy discomforts: lower back pain, inability to bend over, and starting to feel the impact of this growing bowling ball in my abdomen on all my organs. I"m only 1/2 way there, so thats a little scary...
Not all the new changes have been bad though! I've been feeling the babies move around for weeks now, its pretty cool. Brad has been anxious to join in on the fun, so last week I knew he'd be thrilled to feel them. Once when they were particularly active I put his hand where I'd felt little pokes, and he felt them! I think he was excited, but all he said was, "they're trapped! they hate it in there."
I tried to explain how a uterus is a happy place for a fetus to grow, but apparently to Brad my womb is a small prison. It's okay- the girls have already served over 1/2 of their time. I guess they are trapped, but i think they like it.

the bump update: (20 weeks)


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