Saturday, October 29, 2011

8 months

Well, I haven't been able to blog for a bit because my computer won't let me upload pictures, and really, what are my blog posts w/o pics of Lyla & June? Nada. But, the girls are 8 months old and I want to get a post up this MONTH so I'm doing from my phone & will upload pics when I'm able. :)
P.S. Anyone know how to put a picture back up on their header after blogger says you've maxed out on your limit? The top of my blog is naked and it won't let me change that...
Life has been pretty awesome lately with the girls. We had fun at a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago (hope to post pics when I can), we had a fun wedding of brad's friend wubai. (hope to post a couple pics of that too) And we've had some fun trunk-or-treating & halloween partying w/ our neighbors. No're SO missing out. :)
Miss Lyla,
You've had a big month! You got your first tooth, which we felt for the first time when we took you to the pumpkin patch. Then all of the sudden a couple days ago your SECOND tooth popped through! You mastered crawling perfectly and no longer do your speedy "army" crawl. You also can pull yourself up now so you and June always like to be in the same place playing w/ the same thing. You like to smile at your sister and play with her. You are also quite the little gabber girl. You love to say "bababa" and even though daddy says you're saying "daddy" in Chinese, we've been trying to get you to say dada, and when we do you'll say "daba". So cute! You haven't really been that fussy considering the teething this month. You're such a sweetheart and we love you so much.

Miss June,
You continue to be such a little cutie. Lately when you're really happy you like to throw your head back like you're laughing uncontrollably. You are also cruising (which you were actually doing last month, I just didn't know the name of it!) when you and Lyla are playing with the same toy you tend to crowd her out and you like to try to steal things from her. So we'll have to work on your sharing skills a little. :) You are definitely a mama's girl and don't like to be left alone, ever. You're also really into blowing bubbles and are starting to make a lot of funny noises like your sister. You're such a little cutie & we love you so much!

Monday, October 10, 2011

lately at our house...

This is kind of a few posts in one, I'm playing blog catch up! We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly over the past few weeks in our little family.
Today my sister Julie had her little baby girl and I can't wait to meet her! :) Unfortunately me, Brad, June, and Lyla have been sick all weekend so I don't know when I'll be able to go hold little baby girl. I've decided being sick is one of the hardest parts about being a mom- even if you feel terrible you just have to keep taking care of babies and missing out on sleep, who takes care of mommy? I'm such a youngest child/mama's girl.  And I feel so bad for the babies because they feel terrible and probably have no clue why, they just wonder why I'm relentlessly suctioning out their sad little noses.

We still managed to have a nice weekend up in Midway, a delicious lunch at La Jolla Groves, and a little trip to Bountiful just to watch the BYU game. I risked contaminating the ward and went to young womens because it was my last week. I'm going to teach in relief society now, I'll miss young womens, but change is always good and this calling isn't so demanding.
A couple weeks ago I wet up big cottonwood with my mom to check out the old cabin at Solitude, (they want to sell it, anyone want a cabin?) it was BEAUTIFUL up there and we had a yummy lunch at Silverfork.
Conference weekend was nice, but far from relaxing. We had family pictures taken at our house, which meant all in one day I had to have the house clean, outfits for everyone, and I probably needed to shower and maybe even blow-dry my hair. 
We also reached a climax of craziness with our new tenant, who is out of her mind. She's been living in our apartment for over a month now and her and the sketchy guys that stay with her have been smoking from day one and seem to enjoy being a general pain in the rear-end.  I've tried to talk reasonably with her about how it's violating the contract and I don't want my babies exposed to any more second hand smoke, but she just lies to our faces and I keep finding cigarettes outside and smelling smoke. Over conference weekend her parents came and said they were going to move her out because she couldn't pay rent and was in jail. We changed the locks, but then she made bail and came  back with fury and the police came to our house during priesthood session and all craziness broke loose. We are now in the process of evicting her which seems to be what she wanted all along (she won't pay rent and the court system can take months to work out) It is crazy how few rights landlords have... I pretty much break out in anger hives just thinking about our tenant. Once she's gone I think my landlord days may be over. I guess we'll have to open up the studio apartment into an amazing master bedroom. It could be worse, sigh. ;)   We'll see about the whole master bedroom thing, Brad's still dead set on not re-doing more of our icky bathroom...

Back to a big positive- a few weeks ago Zinch (Brad, Mick, and Sid's company) sold to Chegg- so exciting!  It's pretty amazing that something that was just an idea grew into a profitable international company that did exactly what Brad always dreamed it would! I'm happy for Brad. Being an entrepreneur is a crazy thing, you have to risk so much. Brad put a lot of his time and money into this idea, hoping it would work, fighting past the speed bumps- I wasn't around for all of it, but I know the story and what it means to Brad. I love hearing all the radom business ideas he comes up with every couple days. He has a room of whiteboards in our house where he writes stuff out, it's like a beautiful mind. I seriously think he should be an idea man for a huge company just like that Norman character from the hudsucker proxy.  The sale was kinda a big deal, so I decided to use a groupon thingy we had for la caille and made a reservation. Brad was in the mood to see a movie so instead we celebrated by watching a hot, skinny girl kill everyone. (Columbiana)  Brad really seemed like he just wanted to celebrate with his Zinch peeps, but it's not MY fault I wasn't around from the beginning of it!
 With the big sale, Brad's current job, BYU football, and side projects he's been a busy man. I've sorta been unnerved as of late. I feel like I'm turning into one of those frazzled loose cannon type moms. Times are getting wild. The girls are my favorite, it's awesome they're doing so much and so curious about the world...BUT it's getting hard with all the mobility.  For example, on separate days they've both gotten stuck under their cribs, they find and eat very random things (like post-it notes) if they're out of my view for a split-second. They get way jealous of each other and are mad if they aren't the one being held or fed.  They also play together more and amaze me daily that they keep getting cuter & more fun!
Oh, and I worked-out for the first time in like a year and a half, it was pretty fun! I was intimidated heading to a new place to try out a zumba class- I was happy to discover after so long I blended right it and it wasn't the embarrassing situation I'd imagined.


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