Saturday, October 29, 2011

8 months

Well, I haven't been able to blog for a bit because my computer won't let me upload pictures, and really, what are my blog posts w/o pics of Lyla & June? Nada. But, the girls are 8 months old and I want to get a post up this MONTH so I'm doing from my phone & will upload pics when I'm able. :)
P.S. Anyone know how to put a picture back up on their header after blogger says you've maxed out on your limit? The top of my blog is naked and it won't let me change that...
Life has been pretty awesome lately with the girls. We had fun at a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago (hope to post pics when I can), we had a fun wedding of brad's friend wubai. (hope to post a couple pics of that too) And we've had some fun trunk-or-treating & halloween partying w/ our neighbors. No're SO missing out. :)
Miss Lyla,
You've had a big month! You got your first tooth, which we felt for the first time when we took you to the pumpkin patch. Then all of the sudden a couple days ago your SECOND tooth popped through! You mastered crawling perfectly and no longer do your speedy "army" crawl. You also can pull yourself up now so you and June always like to be in the same place playing w/ the same thing. You like to smile at your sister and play with her. You are also quite the little gabber girl. You love to say "bababa" and even though daddy says you're saying "daddy" in Chinese, we've been trying to get you to say dada, and when we do you'll say "daba". So cute! You haven't really been that fussy considering the teething this month. You're such a sweetheart and we love you so much.

Miss June,
You continue to be such a little cutie. Lately when you're really happy you like to throw your head back like you're laughing uncontrollably. You are also cruising (which you were actually doing last month, I just didn't know the name of it!) when you and Lyla are playing with the same toy you tend to crowd her out and you like to try to steal things from her. So we'll have to work on your sharing skills a little. :) You are definitely a mama's girl and don't like to be left alone, ever. You're also really into blowing bubbles and are starting to make a lot of funny noises like your sister. You're such a little cutie & we love you so much!

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