Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm still waiting to get a new computer, possibly a mac- I hope it will be worth it?!  I've got to get this blog a little caught up in time for the holidays, so even though its incredibly frustrating every time I attempt to upload a picture, I'm going to do a few posts so the girls know they were still alive between sept-nov 2011. ;)  There are so many other cute pictures...I may have to go back and add a few more of my favorites later.
At first I was going to go all homemade & low-cost with the girls costumes. Just some outfits I got on clearance last year fashioned into witch costumes w/ leggings & headbands I made.

But they were so dang cute and we had at least 3 parties to dress them up for, so I decided last minute that I would fulfill my dream of dressing them as pandas and found a good deal on some panda outfits. Equally adorable.
This is a really sad/funny picture of Lyla realizing you can't crawl backwards on a ramp...
We also could have dressed them in the little Chinese outfits we got them in August, but again, I really just wanted them to be pandas...
We had fun up at my mom's with the other cousins. See how cute my new niece Autumn is?
And here we have the quadruplets, two by two. ;)

I'm hoping by the time they're old enough to get messed up by it, I'll have outgrown this stage mom-like quality I have where I want perfect pictures of them all the time.  I wish they were baby gap models, is that weird? It probably happens naturally since the more mobile they get the more impossible it is to get them both to pose at the same time!


Alicia said...

Get a Mac! It is so worth it. I will never go back. If you want Geoff to take a look at your computer, I'm sure he would be glad to do it. He's awesome at all that computer-y stuff.

I've been a mom for 4 1/2 years now, and I still haven't grown out of wanting perfect pictures of the kiddos. Now that Abby is so uncooperative, though, it's really hard. So I probably take more of Elizabeth than her because at least Lizzy doesn't make horrible faces at me when I pull out the camera.

I love all the costumes!

The Taylors said...

Macs are awesome-it will be worth it. And the blogger photo upload thing is so annoying and slow. I have a flickr account, and I upload my photos to that account because it goes WAY faster. .Then you can just copy and paste the code from flickr into your blog post and it is the exact same thing! There is a button above the picture that says "Share" and you get the code from there Hope that made sense, if not let me know and I can try to explain it better. (you probably already know about it..)

P.s. your girls are so so so adorable.


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