Monday, November 28, 2011

9 months

The girls are 9 months old! That is sounding pretty old for babies. They're going to have a real birthday soon! Ahh...I'm not ready for them to be so grown up. I'd like to rewind time and cuddle their little newborn selves for a few hours...seeing newborns makes me feel baby hungry! Lol, no worries, I'm pretty convinced these girls need to be potty trained before we add any more babies into our baby clan. 
They're still such little babies even though they do so much, despite efforts to fatten them up they weigh 13.7 and 14.6, June is off the charts and Lyla is in the 1st percentile. They're bitty babies who laugh and babble and cruise and climb stairs and cut teeth and flail their arms in excitement when they see anything that looks fun to them. They fit into clothes, it's awesome. They're growing up before my eyes and they're not gonna stop or slow down. They're in such a fun stage right now, I think I always say that and I fear the future stage, but so far it just keeps getting to be more and more fun. :)

Miss June,
I know you & your sister will be walking before long, but mama's following doctor's orders and not pushing that one...I can barely keep up with you and your sister as you speed crawl all over the place. You're pretty sensitive and understand now if we tell you not to do something (like bite me or spit food in my face) we say "don't do that" and you burst into tears, everytime.  You love blowing bubbles. You got your first tooth in California and you did pretty good with it too! You've had it a little rough, after that you got croup and then your first ear infection. Luckily, thanks to amoxicillin you're on the mend and have already returned to your spirited, happy self. After your second tooth cut, that is. You hated taking that yummy bubblegum medicine, you'd flail and scream as Lyla screamed because she wasn't the one getting it! Your flirty smiles always brighten my day. I love you so much.

Miss Lyla,
You have advanced a lot lately- we find June is the one following you around more and more often. You love climbing stairs, cruising, and can even balance standing on your own for a bit. You're such a happy baby and are always swinging your arms around, jumping up and down, and "dancing". You babble a ton and make the cutest noises. You belly laugh and have the sweetest smiles, new smiles with those two little teeth popping out now! You are normally our solid sleeper and for that we are grateful! Sometimes I don't even know you've woken up because you sit there & patiently wait for me to come get you, you get so excited when I finally come in the room! I love you so much.

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