Friday, December 2, 2011


 These photos are in a really weird order, I'm still trying to figure out how to use a mac, at least the computer works even if I don't know how to use it! You may have noticed the girls have had a totally spoiled first year of traveling, and that just wouldn't be complete without a trip to Disneyland! (we really just went because it was my family's trip this year) :) 
The road trip down wasn't quite as easy as last time since the girls aren't nearly as fond of their carseats, but they still did pretty good!
The girls enjoyed a trip to the beach, where they ate sand, hated it, and tried to get it out of their mouth with sandy hands. It was one of those kinda sad, funny things that's a little hard to watch. 
 We had lovely weather and enjoyed walking down to the beach in the mornings.

 My dad would come home every morning from golf ball hunting with clothes full of pro-V1s and looking like he'd fought a war.
 We discovered that although the fashion island tree is "real" its a huge trunk with many trees limbs numbered and ordered to be placed on the trunk so that the tree is perfect, I had no idea!

 The girls begged me for new anthro bedding, it was weird. (I didn't cave to their pleadings though)
 It was fun seeing Christmas displays while we shopped.
 This is a random picture aboard the USS something, the most famous fleet ship? in San Diego.
 Nightmare before Christmas haunted mansion- babies can go on it!
 Disneyland all decorated for Christmas!
My favorite ride pics: I look like I'm part of a horror movie on tower of terror, and Brad's space mountain photo was deemed "inappropriate" because he was competing with my nephews for the best pic & took his shirt off during the ride. lol!
 Now we're back in San Diego, Lyla said "I don't always eat rice, but when I do, I choose Mexican."
 The Mormon battalion historic site had been redone since we were there last- it was awesome!

 And, we're back at disneyland!

 Back on that ship...we really hopped around! ;)
 San Diego babies
 It's a Small World. My favorite part of this trip with the girls!!! It was all decorated for Christmas and so darling. My favorite. Love love love.

 The family, minus the Franks who were busy with new little Autumn.
 It's a small world, I know you didn't get enough!


Unknown said...

i really can't get over how cute your girls are. looks like such a fun trip!

Charity said...

Love their Mouse outfits. So darling with the bows on the ears. Sarah loved It's a small world!


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