Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

 I've taken the girls into stores in many different styles.
 June continues to get farther from the growth charts, so Dr. Jed sent her to get some blood work. She watched the guy put that needle in and just stared, not one was weird. She is doing fine, they're both just extra small for their age, but healthy. Here's June enjoying a book:
 They always get excited when daddy comes home, sometimes they play ball
 or read a book...
 The girls attended their first wedding! One of Brad's best friends got married (I think it was in October...but here are some pics anyways!)
 I love to see the temple...
 I waited outside with the girls, then we all went to the luncheon and reception together. It almost reminded me of China a little because crowds of people gathered to see the twins, a few asked to take pictures. :)
 It was a perfect day and the girls loved crawling around.
 They also decided to try eating some delicious looking leaves.

 By the end of it they were pooped.
Congrats to Josh and Katie!

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