Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas hits the nursery

 Ahh, it's December and here I am blogging about things happening in this very month, that feels right. First things first for the girls first Christmas, we got the girls a nativity to play with and a little tree for the nursery. I can't get over how much I love Christmas with babies!
 I really like how the little tree turned out, nothing is breakable and everything is hard to pull off except their hairbows which make up half of the "ornaments".  The girls have been pretty gentle with the tree so far so we've been able to leave it on the floor, they like to look on it and sometimes pull on it a little, just enough so that the bells jingle.
 I am so happy with how much they love playing with the nativity. Lyla's favorite thing is to pull the angel off the top of the manger, June just loves biting the cow's head.
 They like baby Jesus too. :)
 Sometimes when they're playing together it's a good opportunity for me to get some things done, but whenever they're playing with their nativity I can't help but watch or join in!

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Charity said...

Sarah is getting the nativity for Christmas. I can't wait. Your girls are seriously so cute Katie!


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