Wednesday, February 29, 2012

birthday bunting banner tutorial

Per request, this is how I made my birthday bunting banner. I made this tutorial after the project was complete, so you'll have to use your imagination a little bit, but it's not too complicated! I really love having something so cute I can pull out for family birthdays for the rest of my life.  And I made the back side blank so it can be used for all sorts of celebrations and parties!
1 pkg double fold bias tape
16 material scraps at least 6" by 7"(twice that for a double sided banner)
some additional scraps for the cupcakes
2 pkgs of iron on letters (I bought mine at michael's and started with one, but I would have had to write "feliz birthday" so I went back for a second package.) :)
First, get a piece of paper and fold it in half. Make a mark 3" from the top (Mine was actually more like 2.6" since I was just making this up, do what looks best to you). Make a mark 7" from the top. Connect the dots.

Then cut along the line and you now have your pattern.
You could make it really simple and just cut out 16 triangles of fabric. I wanted a double sided banner that has "happy birthday" on one side and blank on the other for all occasions. If you want double sided cut out 2 of every fabric (32 triangles)
Next I drew a little cupcake and cut it into 4 pieces, then I traced it on some scrap fabric and cut out 3 sets of cupcakes. If you don't want cupcakes on your banner you could skip this part, but it's not that hard and really adds something (In my opinion). :)
You could draw out a simple pattern yourself or try to print out this picture the right size, I'm better at sewing than technology, so I'll let you figure that out.     

Take one triangle of fabric from the first, last, and 7th place in your row (every triangle that won't have a letter) Sew on the pieces on at a time starting with the bottom and working up to the little flame.
Next, if you're going the double-sided route, line up each set of triangles right sides together and sew along both sides using no more than 1/4" seam allowance. (don't sew along the top) Turn right side out and use a pencil, scissors, or pointy object to get the tips out (you may want to trim off some excess fabric at the bottom)  *If your banner is one sided you could just leave the edges raw and be done with it (you know, "shabby chic" AKA, less work) ;)

After turning right side out you'll need to iron each triangle flat, I found it easier to iron the side seam flat first, then go over the whole triangle.

Once your triangles are all ready place them just barely in between the two sides of bias tape, pin them in place with how ever much space you'd like between them (I spaced them about 1 1/2" apart). Sew along the bottom. Arrange iron-on letters onto the triangles and iron according to directions.
Now you have a bunting banner that you can use for the rest of your life, for every celebration you can think of! Especially birthdays. :)

A happy Valentines for us all

 This year was by far my favorite valentines I've had! In fact, it's the best February I've ever had. It's normally kind of a yucky month just waiting for winter to end...but this year was filled with Hawaii, birthdays, and a fun valentines! :)
 We had dinner at home with the girls then Brad and I went out for pedicures and a movie. It was just perfect.
 Of course it was a great excuse to dress up the girls, as always. :)
 Things are changing this week with their highchairs btw, I bought some new straps that are sure* to keep them in.  (*likely)

 Brad gave roses to all of his ladies. I got a beautiful dozen red and the girls got white, they kind of liked them.
 I had to give the girls a little valentines candy to make them happy during this little photo session.
 They liked conversation hearts.
 What will I do when they don't humor me with these photo shoots anymore? I guess that's when you have more :)
 Hope you all had a lovely valentines!

Monday, February 27, 2012

january highlights

So my goal to not be a month behind on my blog is already ruined...but I have a plan. I'm going to try to do a post at least every Sunday, which would keep things up to date pretty good.  Also, my amazing friend Erin just made my blog all darling which makes me want to come here and post things, I just want to look at all her cuteness so I think I will actually keep my goal. Right now I can't help but check it out every 5 minutes or so, eventually I will mellow out to a daily dose I'm sure.
Here's some of what you missed in January:
the girls love their baths
 They were happy as can be at grandma's house while we were in Cabo.
 They seriously love the bath, they try to get in whenever the bathroom door is open- water or no water.
 We go out a lot, mostly to Costco and other grocery stores. 75% of the people are super nice and go gaga over the girls. Some people are just mean, I had a young mom flip me off in the Costco parking lot because she thought I stole her spot...Seriously? Sometimes people are CRAZY. It's a good thing I had to teach a lesson on "love thy neighbor" last week in church, sometimes it's easier said than done.
 I took the girls out into a little snow storm to let them feel snowflakes for the first time.

They started eating PB&J
They get messy, sticky little hands.
 And we all love guac. I've been working on mine ever since we got back from Mexico, the mortar and pestle really makes a difference!
 Here is June demonstrating their love of church doors.
 I took the girls on a lot of long drives for nap time, I'm trying to break that habit a bit now and trying to get them sleeping in their cribs more.
 They love people. They love their dolls. They love their mama. One of their favorite ways to show affection is trying to poke your eyes out, the more they go after you the more they love you. :)
And there's January in a nutshell. Back to the month of love! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The first birthday party

The girls first birthday party turned out so fun! I had a fun time planning it and I was happy with how it turned out. I decided to do a baking theme for a lot of reasons: first- I love to bake, I wanted to give the girls a kitchenette for their birthday, I did a cute photo shoot of the girls as bakers for invites, and the theme was pretty easy because simple things (like cake and cupcakes that you do anyways) worked with the theme, also it seemed pretty original to me and I liked the idea. :)
First I set up a place where the cousins could dress like little bakers if they wanted:
I baked a bunch of cupcakes the day before that everyone could decorate:
 The kids loved that.
 Little bakers
& cupcake makers.
Want one?
 I'll probably do the same theme again when the girls are older, obviously any one year old could care less about a birthday theme. They just enjoyed the extra attention, eating cake and opening presents. :)
Everyone baked their own pizza.
 Of all things I splurged on straws, it was the first thing I bought for the party. Then I realized I needed special drinks worthy of cute straws. Luckily it didn't really break the bank, I got a good deal. :)
Of course, we sang happy birthday and the girls ate their first chocolate cake.

Hmm...this is pretty good stuff.
I want to try a little...
It looks pretty.
Eat Cake.
I'll do it.
Me too.
Everyone squeezed into our little kitchen to peek at the girls.

They were happy. :)
Want some cake?

Don't mind if I do.
Why haven't we been eating this "chocolate" more often?!
This is what it's all about.
Lick yo' fingers good.
Then the girls opened all their fun presents.
It's always like a baby zoo when my family gets together, 8 babies attended the party!
New toys
& some clothes.
Thanks to everyone who came and gave such fun, cute gifts to the girls! And a special thanks to my mom and mother-in-law who came earlier in the week to give me some time and helped with cleaning the house. And my friend Alicia for helping with the pom poms and going grocery shopping with me so I had a cart. :) And my mom and Annabella and Mirna and everyone who cleaned up EVERYTHING after the party. It would have been a big job and I was exhausted, I really appreciated it. It was a fun day filled with fun memories that will be fun to share with the girls one day!


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