Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A happy Valentines for us all

 This year was by far my favorite valentines I've had! In fact, it's the best February I've ever had. It's normally kind of a yucky month just waiting for winter to end...but this year was filled with Hawaii, birthdays, and a fun valentines! :)
 We had dinner at home with the girls then Brad and I went out for pedicures and a movie. It was just perfect.
 Of course it was a great excuse to dress up the girls, as always. :)
 Things are changing this week with their highchairs btw, I bought some new straps that are sure* to keep them in.  (*likely)

 Brad gave roses to all of his ladies. I got a beautiful dozen red and the girls got white, they kind of liked them.
 I had to give the girls a little valentines candy to make them happy during this little photo session.
 They liked conversation hearts.
 What will I do when they don't humor me with these photo shoots anymore? I guess that's when you have more :)
 Hope you all had a lovely valentines!

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