Sunday, February 26, 2012

The first birthday party

The girls first birthday party turned out so fun! I had a fun time planning it and I was happy with how it turned out. I decided to do a baking theme for a lot of reasons: first- I love to bake, I wanted to give the girls a kitchenette for their birthday, I did a cute photo shoot of the girls as bakers for invites, and the theme was pretty easy because simple things (like cake and cupcakes that you do anyways) worked with the theme, also it seemed pretty original to me and I liked the idea. :)
First I set up a place where the cousins could dress like little bakers if they wanted:
I baked a bunch of cupcakes the day before that everyone could decorate:
 The kids loved that.
 Little bakers
& cupcake makers.
Want one?
 I'll probably do the same theme again when the girls are older, obviously any one year old could care less about a birthday theme. They just enjoyed the extra attention, eating cake and opening presents. :)
Everyone baked their own pizza.
 Of all things I splurged on straws, it was the first thing I bought for the party. Then I realized I needed special drinks worthy of cute straws. Luckily it didn't really break the bank, I got a good deal. :)
Of course, we sang happy birthday and the girls ate their first chocolate cake.

Hmm...this is pretty good stuff.
I want to try a little...
It looks pretty.
Eat Cake.
I'll do it.
Me too.
Everyone squeezed into our little kitchen to peek at the girls.

They were happy. :)
Want some cake?

Don't mind if I do.
Why haven't we been eating this "chocolate" more often?!
This is what it's all about.
Lick yo' fingers good.
Then the girls opened all their fun presents.
It's always like a baby zoo when my family gets together, 8 babies attended the party!
New toys
& some clothes.
Thanks to everyone who came and gave such fun, cute gifts to the girls! And a special thanks to my mom and mother-in-law who came earlier in the week to give me some time and helped with cleaning the house. And my friend Alicia for helping with the pom poms and going grocery shopping with me so I had a cart. :) And my mom and Annabella and Mirna and everyone who cleaned up EVERYTHING after the party. It would have been a big job and I was exhausted, I really appreciated it. It was a fun day filled with fun memories that will be fun to share with the girls one day!


stella and olivias mommy said...

love it!! it turned out SO cute! :)

emma said...

sooo amazing katie!! what a party! we definitely have the same taste, we must collaborate on SOMETHING together!! your girls are so dang cute, happy 1 year!!

Alicia said...

I have so many comments! First, I think the crepe paper in the windows turned out awesome. Great idea. I'm so glad the pizza dough worked out... I am seriously crazy about that recipe. So easy and so delicious. I think it's fun that everyone got to make their own, too! I love how cute the drinks are with the straws, and I think I am totally going to have to steal that for Lizzy's party. And I can't believe how inexpensive they ended up being! Score. I love the cupcake decorating too... I wish there were more grandkids in my family. (And that my family got along.) The girls are adorable eating their cake. I'm glad the party was such a success, and I love all the pictures!

Emily Hagen said...

It was a beautiful party, Katie! Loved the theme and the decorations. Taylor had so much fun with the cupcakes and "helping" with the presents :) I LOVE the picture of Lyla with her face in the cake. The year went by in a flash, didn't it? They're getting cuter every day :)


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