Thursday, February 23, 2012

one year old!

Yesterday was the girl's first birthday! To make the day special we started with some breakfast pancakes:
Daddy let them play in the toilet while I wasn't looking, for a birthday present.  I have 3 children.
We took some birthday pictures:
 Yup, they're adorable.
 I borrowed this bench, but they love it- I'll have to find a similar one. :)
 Birthday girl Juney
 Who's the birthday girl? "me!"
 Pretty girl.
 I didn't force them into the birthday photo shoot, they liked the bench... When they crawled to their favorite toy in the house (the tub), I went with it. They had a little bathroom break.
Birthday girl Lyla!
 "I'm a big girl now."
 Pretty girl.
They weren't all perfect and happy the entire time, in case you were wondering...
 It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Sad and funny. They will laugh at these pictures one day though...
Then we had lunch with Grandma Barbara, Aunt Julie, and their cousins Claire & Autumn. Daddy came home from work early so that we could have a little celebration with just the four of us.
First we gave them their present from us, which I've been excited to give them since they were born. :)
A kitchenette!
Now they have somewhere fun and safe to play in the kitchen while I'm cooking in there.
Then we sang happy birthday and gave them cupcakes! But not chocolate, I'm saving that for their real party on Saturday. :)
Fire is dangerous, that part was quick.
Then the fun began.
Lyla's frosting was gone in about 15 seconds.

June was slowly but surely working on it.

Then Lyla's cake was gone. She went over for sisters.
 June didn't like that.
We made them share.
Happy Birthday Lyla!
 Happy Birthday June!

Then they played some more with their cute little kitchen before bed...

Happy birthday beautiful girls!


Brooke said...

ok seriously katie, you guys are the cutest family!

kristen kathleen said...

Katie - these photos (and ALL the photos you take of your adorable girls!) are absolutely precious. You are right, they will love them when they're older. You have a beautiful family - thanks for sharing all the fun adventures. Happy birthday to little June & Lyla. =)

LL said...

SERIOUSLY!!! They couldn't be any cuter. I love them and I SO wish we could have seen you guys while we were there. I'd love to kiss those 1 year old cheeks.
Love all your photos of them, you are an amazing mother. Lucky little girls.
(and the toilet part made me LAUGH, what a sweet dad)


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