Monday, February 27, 2012

january highlights

So my goal to not be a month behind on my blog is already ruined...but I have a plan. I'm going to try to do a post at least every Sunday, which would keep things up to date pretty good.  Also, my amazing friend Erin just made my blog all darling which makes me want to come here and post things, I just want to look at all her cuteness so I think I will actually keep my goal. Right now I can't help but check it out every 5 minutes or so, eventually I will mellow out to a daily dose I'm sure.
Here's some of what you missed in January:
the girls love their baths
 They were happy as can be at grandma's house while we were in Cabo.
 They seriously love the bath, they try to get in whenever the bathroom door is open- water or no water.
 We go out a lot, mostly to Costco and other grocery stores. 75% of the people are super nice and go gaga over the girls. Some people are just mean, I had a young mom flip me off in the Costco parking lot because she thought I stole her spot...Seriously? Sometimes people are CRAZY. It's a good thing I had to teach a lesson on "love thy neighbor" last week in church, sometimes it's easier said than done.
 I took the girls out into a little snow storm to let them feel snowflakes for the first time.

They started eating PB&J
They get messy, sticky little hands.
 And we all love guac. I've been working on mine ever since we got back from Mexico, the mortar and pestle really makes a difference!
 Here is June demonstrating their love of church doors.
 I took the girls on a lot of long drives for nap time, I'm trying to break that habit a bit now and trying to get them sleeping in their cribs more.
 They love people. They love their dolls. They love their mama. One of their favorite ways to show affection is trying to poke your eyes out, the more they go after you the more they love you. :)
And there's January in a nutshell. Back to the month of love! 

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