Sunday, November 27, 2011

pumpkin patch

I've got to whip out a few old posts since I have a new computer now (yippy!) and I really just want to dedicate everything to Christmas for the rest of the year, so let's get this out of the way.
We had a perfect visit to the pumpkin patch last month- the weather was nice, Annabella came and helped photograph us and the girls, and we got some really darling pictures of the babes! They'll only be babies for so long so I'm getting oodles of pictures. I think I've got a complex because of so many newborn pictures we missed out on, now I'm not post-delivery crazy so it's much easier to be their photographer!


Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Oh my goodness, your girls are so adorable. These are amazing photos! I especially love the shot from behind where you can see there ruffels! so precious!

Alicia said...

Such darling photos! And I still love those hats. You have such a cute family.

mylittlehome6 said...

Beautiful family. Your girls are sooo adorable!


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