Sunday, June 12, 2011

flying to florida

Well, here we are in Florida! It is WARM and MOIST, which is very confusing to all of us. (I think I get why people use baby powder now!) Brad is working a lot and I forgot to bring my mom. :( The hotel, adequate..but I don't want to spend my whole time here.  I haven't been to Orlando since I was 4.  I'm going to figure out everything that is free to do with the girls, then take pictures by the signs to everything else so the girls feel like they've been there. :) (hello, I'm not about to drop $80 on activities they will sleep through/not care about.)
I never even blogged about our roadtrip to Cali.  Maybe doubling up on nursing more contriutes to less blogging, I normally write posts while feeding. Sometimes I think I'm about done w/ the whole blogging thing, but it really is an easy journal (with pictures!) that I like to look back on sometimes and I think the girls will enjoy reading one day.
I may backtrack to our previous trip a little sometime, but I can say the girls have been excellent travel companions! (besides being naughty sleepers last night...)  Their first roadtrip couldn't have gone better and their first flight was excellent! It didn't seem like their ears bothered them at all, and there was almost no crying. knock on wood.
We were pretty late getting to the gate on a full flight to Denver, people were nice and let us sit together, but then the airline was all twinist and said we couldn't be on the same row since they only have 4 O2 masks. I was sad Brad wasn't around because June was laughing up a storm on the flight, probably her first real laughing.  Luckily on the second flight there was an extra seat so we got to be together and set babies down, which was nice. They girls were even officially saluted with a certificate signed by the pilot for their first flight. So cute.

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krayzid0rk said...

Love the pic of the little one with her certificate and yawning like "no big deal" lol


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