Saturday, July 2, 2011

my canine issues

I haven't been on my computer all week, I actually have blog posts written from our vacations etc that I've been waiting to post once I add a few pics- prepare to be bombarded with all the exciting tales! (wink, wink) for now I will share a thought that requires no picture...
I think I might have some unusual issues when it comes to "man's best friend". I can admit this. People keep underestimating how much I hate dogs. I've visited several people who have dogs while Brad has been traveling so much. Some of these people read my blog. No offense, it's not's them. I guess some people see a dog and look into it's puppdog eyes and fall in love with it's wagging tail. Or something. I look at a dog and my eyes zoom into it's dirty, sharp little teeth. I don't really care how "small" or "friendly" the dog is, I don't want those teeth anywhere near my baby's sweet little hands. I next observe the dog nose. Wet. Dog snot, what could be worse? I imagine that nose all over the ground and sniffing other dogs bums. I don't want that nose anywhere near my baby's face. Next I observe the hair, not just on the dog, but how it inevitably ends up on everything around it. I mentally start thinking of everything I brought with me so I can make sure to throw it in the wash when I'm home. I won't even mention dogs claws, self explanatory right? Claws.
When someone's dog walks up toward my baby seat I might flip just a little. I just can't help it, I see a dog and I think of stories I've heard from fellow nurses... A baby getting defaced because a dog thought the baby was a toy. A woman getting a chunk ripped out of her bum because she jogged past her neighbors "friendly" dog. These are the things that pop into my mind when your dog gets anywhere near my babies.
My view of dogs may be just a little unhealthy, a little OCD. I may act like a frightened child when a dog runs toward me. I just don't care, I would be perfectly happy if my children had a little fear of dogs, keep them cautious. Protect them from our four legged friends.
I don't want to make anyone feel bad.. I'm fine with other people liking dogs, I just can't get myself to join the party. It may surprise you, but if I had to choose I would actually say I was a "dog person", even though I don't want dogs anywhere near me or my little people. I say that because most people are either dog people or cat people, and if I had to choose between a dog calendar and a cat one I'd pick the dogs. So dog people, can we still be friends? :)

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Alicia said...

I'm not really an animal person myself. Believe me, I think all those same things that you think. I really don't like other people's dogs. When I'm walking at the park and a dog off his leash comes bounding up, visions of my baby being attacked come to mind and I sort of panic. I'm totally with you there. We only got cats (and now a dog) because Geoff and Abby seem to have this crazy need to have animals around. I would be perfectly content with just having a few little girls. And fish. We have several fish. I'm starting to feel like I'm in over my head a little bit, but at least the dog is crate-trained so I can just shut him in his crate when I'm tired of him. :)


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