Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter...(to be said slowly with the best British accent your mind can muster up) I just got back from seeing HP 7, part 2. So, I'm no longer one of the 5 remaining people in America who hadn't seen the movie... I can't believe I've been able to wait this many days, I always do the midnight thing dressed as a witch for book releases and movie premiers, but, ya know, I have a couple more important things in my life these days!
I was radiating way too much Harry Potter energy for a Wednesday evening showing. I was the only one who clapped at the end, and I had to pinch my own legs to keep me from dancing my way out of the theatre, seriously. It was very well done- emotional, powerful, and light when it needed to be. I'm such a HP nerd and I love it.
I felt a little emotional thinking of my great memories with "the boy who lived" all coming to an end. I remember dressing as a witch for the first movie premier at the Villa theatre, the high school boys I was with were embarrassed to be with me..(not cause of my age, I was in highschool too!) :) I still remember from the moment the theme song began as it showed the WB, I was in awe how they captured the magic and feeling from the books.
I love that instead of feeling sad about it all coming to an end I now look forward to sharing the magic with my girls one day! (probably when they're about 11 before they get their letters, we're not muggles, giggle giggle!)

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Hanks Family said...

I haven't seen it yet Katie! I'm dying! Greg and I are usually at the midnight showing. Remember Greg had one of the books on his first trip to Alaska? I have been one of the crazy people at the bookstore at midnight. I echo all your feelings about Harry Potter! I will be one of those people clapping!


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