Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Florida babes

Our trip to Orlando was nice. The girls were awesome on all the flights and caused no problems, which was my biggest worry. Brad had to work a ton though, which left me on my own with the girls a lot. It was harder than California because it was humid and hot, and I had no snap-n-go stroller for ease and convenience. A couple days it was frustrating to not get out and see the fun things all around us, but we still had some fun. (hey, it sure beat waiting around at home for Brad to get back to us!)

My sister and her family had their Orlando trip overlap a bit so I hung out at the pool with them one day. It was so fun!

Brad got to hang out with us one day for a bit so we headed over to the Epcot center and gave the girls their first disney experience. At first it was stressful trying to figure out how to keep the girls cool and happy. I said to Brad "Maybe we should just leave and try to get a refund, I think the girls might be too young for this..." Brad responded, "I know the girls are too young for this (duh), this is all for you.". Well, kind of. I am a disney girl, if there is one thing I regret from my single life it's never auditioning to be a Disney princess for Disneyland. Ha. Still, I think the girls will enjoy the pictures one it's not just for me. And the weather ended up being overcast and perfect for our infant day at a disney theme park. We had fun!
We pretended to travel world! EPCOT is pretty much the only theme park with good food, each "country" had something that smelled good and made you want to eat..
The girls and I in Mexico:
I think this was Germany:
I thought this might be a good preview for China (except Brad informed me they were speaking Japanese..)
We had to get a little family pic, just in case we never look this composed on our real deal adventure.
Denmark, or something like that:
Now here I really wanted to place the girls like they were walking down the street, giant babies!!! (I didn't do it cause we weren't ready to get kicked out of the park yet.)
A trip to Japan with daddy!
And that fabulous trip to Italy with mom:
Of course, we had to take the girls back to the land where this family first started out. A taste of our Moroccan honeymoon!
Compare epcot version to the real deal: (it obviously doesn't really compare, but it sure would be hard to visit all these places with infants) :)
I love Paris in the spring time. :)
Somewhere I could actually live with the girls in real life: England.
We also visited Canada blah, blah...and got some pictures with the giant ball, and watched Captian EO. Some pics with disney characters would have been adorable, but not 50 min wait in line adorable.
The girls, clearly thrilled with Disney, just like their mom.
We went to Coco beach our last day which I LOVED. It wasn't all that relaxing with the girls, but it was perfect conditions for a happy beach day. A shady umbrella for the girls. Soft sand. Warm weather with a nice breeze- enough to cool you down without blowing sand in your face. Tiny waves for ocean wimps. Shallow, warm ocean water- perfect temperature. How lovely was that...I wish I could go there every week! What I'd give to be sitting on that beach right now...
I had all these plans to take pictures of the girls at sea world, universal studios, make a trip to the Kennedy Space Center, maybe even take an alligator tour...but you can only do so much when you're just one person with two little babies.  I thought it was a very fun place, hopefully when the girls are a little older we'll make it back and we can experience Orlando more intensely. :)


Regina said...

So extremely cute fotos!!

And great impressions!

I´m German and wondered about the word Akershus. It doesn´t exist in German. Seems to be Norvegian: Unfortunately the link to Akershus is in German - maybe Wiki offers a translation into English?

Greetings from Lehrte near Hannover/Germany


Brooke said...

Katie I'm loving all the photos, you guys are the cutest family! So glad Bobby and I got to see you guys and meet the girls when we were in town!

Emma said...

katie, what a fun summer you guys are having!!! i can't get over how sweet your girls are. i love seeing all the fun pictures of them :)


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