Sunday, July 24, 2011

mom cut?

After months of contemplating, I cut my hair. Despite many slightly irritating comments like "Oh, you got the predictable mom cut", I am happy with it! I needed a change, it's easier for me and it doesn't look like I obviously didn't do my hair everyday (it doesn't even fit in a ponytail anymore).  For me it isn't a mom cut because I've had short hair on and off from elementary school through college. So there you have it, short hair is for everyone. (especially moms I suppose) :)


Mandy said...

Looks great! But, I'm pretty sure you could pull off no hair at all. :)

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I think it looks cute. I always tell Than I want to live by you guys so you can take me shopping and you can pick out all my clothes. You always dress so cute! Tell me all your shopping secrets. You definitely don't look like a 'mom'!

Brooke said...

Katie I love your short hair! You look so good with both long and short hair, lucky duck!


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