Saturday, February 19, 2011

a place for babies

I have been working on a lot of last minute projects before the babies come. Just to name a few- my mom came and helped me clean and organize the kitchen last week (it was a big job), then finish painting the kitchen earlier this week. Yesterday I painted stripes on our nursery wall. (my mother-in-law had no clue what she was getting herself into when she offered to help out at the house :)) Brad has been busy, but has managed to help me with some random jobs we never got around to finishing.
Our house is pretty much clean and ready now- it feels so good! I seriously can't believe it, 2 weeks ago I thought it was hopeless. You'd think doing all kinds of house projects (climbing up on ladders etc) 9 months pregnant might lead to labor, but I'm pretty sure these babies would stay inside me until they were full-sized adults if they weren't scheduled to arrive in a few days...
The nursery is pretty much done now, so I thought I'd show it off. I've been thinking about the nursery for months, but it remained our "closet" for a long time.
A month or 2 ago we finally took out all our clothes and painted the walls. I painted some frames from the DI and filled them with images that I liked.  I found cribs on ksl and had them painted to my liking.
(I still want to add their names to the wall, I'm not sure if we'll get around to that.)
 Brad's parents gave us an armoire that we had painted and we got a dresser on ksl that I painted:
(We'll hang something on that wall at some point...)
We got a killer deal on this comfy new rocker from downeast home just because it didn't have a cover that fit. That meant I had to make one of those (ugh), it was a little tricky without a's not perfect, but I was proud of myself and it works.
 The crib bedding was actually fun to make (not so hard!)
Basically each one of these projects could be done in a day (painting the dresser, painting the tree, painting stripes, making crib bedding, making a rocker cover..) it just took several days/weeks between each to work up the mental energy to move on to the next project. Ever since it started coming together I've liked to go sit in the rocker and just be in that room. Brad has come by before and asked what I'm doing. I can't quite answer that question, but I can tell you this- I like the nursery. :)
We just need 2 little girls to put in here now!


LL said...

LOVE IT!!!! love it all.
I am so excited for you guys!
CAN'T WAIT to hear the news and see their sweet little faces.

M+H said...

SOO CUTE! I used to sit in Melia's room all the time before she was born, especially once it was all finished. I just loved it so much and thinking of it as "her" room and everything. Totally normal! :)

Natasha said...

Love, love it! You are amazing! It's beautiful. You've done such a good job. Once we're back in Utah, I'll have to receive some home decor training sessions from you.

Rachel Hagen said...

So Cute! You did a beautiful job. Now we need those little girlies to fill the space!

Da Denninghoff's said...

wow what talent!


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