Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm a cougar

Graduation: BYU vs. U of U
Last year I graduated from BYU, only to begin my second bachelors at the U. Here's a few comparisons:

graduating w/ boyfriend (not even fiance!)                       graduating w/ husband

I always have lots of family support :)

My mom got that decorative sash thingy that I actually bought last year, (I also wore an 09' tassel both years, thanks for your grad gear Lauren!) My mom should have got a degree from BYU with all the help she gave me. Shes the only person I know who remembers chemistry well enough to tutor a daughter.

Different friends and people come into your life.

I stick up my left foot, and I wear my pink grad shoes. 
I didn't really plan to attend either graduation, but always decide to follow the cerimonial ritual last minute. During my time at BYU I was probably a bit overly critical of the BYU stereotypes and didn't always appreciate the beautiful campus and exceptional teachers, but I must admit what didn't happen in 4 years at the Y happened in about 2 days at the U- I realized I bleed blue.

Graduating from the U is way better though, because I actually CAN'T WAIT to leave. I could make a big list why, but thats a whole other story. I'll just enjoy pretending like I'm done for a few more days.  I still have a little time left at the school where the greatest lesson I've learned is how awesome BYU really is.
Love me some cougs.

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