Monday, May 24, 2010

Intro to Fine Chocolate

Can you believe that cocoa pods are this huge? I've seen pics, but had no idea!
I absolutely  LOVED tonight! Brad and I went to an intro to fine chocolate tasting class at Tony Caputo's market. I'll admit when it began I wondered what we had got ourselves into. Tony's son taught the class and he began very seriously, almost yelling, explaining how all chocolate is not created equal.
I was slightly afraid of him, so this was the best pic we were willing to sneak of him teaching:

Turns out the class was fun and fabulous, well worth our $ in my opinion. We sat at a table with the founder of the chocolate society of Utah, which I am seriously considering joining.
We learned all about the process of cocoa bean to bar and the difference between quality chocolate and the typical "grocery store bar".  I happily learned that bitter isn't better and that cacao % isn't always what it seems.

check out all the fellow wannabe chocolate connoisseurs:

Smell, taste, check for flavor undertones. Even with the same ingredients and cacao %, depending on the bean type, location, and method of refining many were as different as night and day! It blew my mind.

My loot. I only took a tiny, adorable square of my most favorite chocolate I tried: the amaedei chuao, a symphony of flavors and #1 winner of the Academy of Chocolate World Chocolate award.


Shantaye said...

I was just there today with a friend for lunch and I LOVE that place. I probably bought way too much chocolate but it's delicious! Did you try any of the truffles? They are almost too pretty to eat!

Emma said...

oh wow, i would love to go to a class like this! lucky lucky.


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