Sunday, May 23, 2010

seven layers of heaven.avi

So I've been participating a bit in Paula Deen's Real Women of Philadephia cooking competition (you make different dishes using cream cheese). I've never tried competition and I had never made a video before this. Its the last week, and since they only pick 2 out of thousands of videos my chances are slim. Thats okay though, I learned a lot and had fun! I still have a shot with this video (dessert) and my entree- aji de gallina... both not as good as my side dish that didn't make the cut though! I learned after the fact that they look at personality first then recipe, no bueno. Not that I have a bad personality, its just that if I can barely stand to watch it I can only imagine how painful it could be for a perfect stranger. At least in this one I have a cold, my voice is deeper and I sound slightly less like a squirrel. (I refuse to believe my voice is as tiny and high as my vid camera exposed it to be...but I should still practice mimicking a woman voice from now on, my goal: Catherine Zeta Jones! ha.)
Anyways if you'd like to try this heavely (and sinful) dessert I dreamed up this week, here is the recipe:
1 pkg cream cheese
2/3 Can cream of coconut
2/3 C melted semi sweet chocolate chips
2/3 C white chocolate chips
2 containers prepared chocolate pudding
1 C frozen whipped topping
1 small can dulce de leche
2/3 C marshmallow cream
1/2 C nutella
1/2 C cream
1. Whip together cream cheese and cream of coconut until smooth. Spread on the bottom of a shallow bowl. 2. Add 1/4 C hot cream to semi sweet chocolate chips (microwave if not fully melted) spread over cream cheese mixture. 3. Heat dulce de leche in mocrowave 30 seconds with 1-2 Tbs cream to soften. Spread over chocolate layer. 4. Stir pudding and frozen whipped topping together, spread over dulce de leche. 5. Melt white chocolate chips with 1/4 C warm cream, spread over pudding layer. 6. Spread marshmallow cream on top of white chocolate. 7. Warm nutella 30 seconds in the microwave, spread over the top. Garnish with coconut flakes and chopped macademia nuts. Serve at room temp with strawberries, cubed angel food cake, bananas, brownies, pretzels, graham crackers, or any dippers you dream up!


The Oborn Supremacy said...

You should be a movie star!

Emma said...

katie that is so cool you're doing a competition! i watched this whole video, i'm definitely going to have to make this dip soon!

M+H said...

Katie you are so cute! I loved your video and I think you need to do more. I want to know what other yummy things you made with cream cheese! I love cream cheese, doesn't it make everything so much better? I have an amazing Caramel Drizzle Pie recipe that uses cream cheese and it's my favorite thing ever! Mmmm! Anyway, I think you need to make a button for your blog so that people can post it on their blogs and more people will find you. Love you and your recipes. Let's get together soon.

M+H said...

PS--I think they'll love how you say "what the heck." i hardly notice it cause i'm a utahan, but i bet other people notice it. it's charming. :)


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