Friday, May 28, 2010

Lazy Friday

Is it normal that after my first 12 hr shift I'm perfectly satisfied with spending my Friday night at home watching TV and "socializing" on the internet? Being married is cool like that, no pressure to go out and party when you're just tired.
We had dinner at Nuch's, a little Italian place here in Holladay. It's a tiny place and a family that came in after us got seated before us because they knew someone there. As we waited I got more and more annoyed, I wanted to tell them I'd been working at the hospital 12 hours and was starving and that people should have to wait their turn. I wanted to do that so bad, but I knew it was probably just my hunger craze talking and it wouldn't be satisfied by freakin' out and stormin' out. Luckily I held out, it was one of the most satisfying meals out I've eaten in a while. I got their special: homemade butternut squash and ricotta ravioli in browned butter w/ yummy roasted veggies. Brad got pesto pizza. We stuffed our faces, and wanted to never stop.

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M+H said...

That sounds super yummy--I'll have to have Mike take me there sometime. As for this week--I don't know if Aubrey or Shantaye will be traveling out but if either of them decide to, they're both in Bountiful so you could come together if you want. It's totally fine if you don't come though. It was super fun to see you! You definitely better come again!


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