Saturday, December 26, 2009

Say Yes

Brad invited me to visit him in New York while he was there on business. He originally had no other intentions so I had no reason to suspect anything. While golfing the day before he left, he decided he wanted to propose and ran to the ring shop with his brother (who thought he was crazy) to get a ring. I flew out, still completely clueless (we had never even discussed marriage). Our second night there we went for a walk on the Brooklyn bridge, the sun was setting along the city skyline, the weather was perfect. We ate at Grimaldi’s pizza then went for a walk on the pier. We walked over to a little park and sat alone on some rocks right by the water. There was a perfect view of the Brooklyn bridge with the city in the background, all reflected in the water. In the middle of a nice conversation brad got down on his knee and proposed to me. I had no idea it was coming until he was getting on his knee pulling something out of his pocket. I was shocked, and for some unknown reason began to shake uncontrollably, but managed to say “yes” without hesitating. It was sudden, but felt right. Everything seemed to come together in that moment and made sense. In my book it was straight out of a scene from an old classic movie, so don’t cringe if it’s too cheesy for you- Brad's just that smooth. :) We called our parents, mine were expecting a call because Brad called and talked to them the night before. Brad’s parents were also shocked, and it was pretty hard to convince them it wasn’t a joke.

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