Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jamaican Jerk

Earlier this week I learned that you can’t get scotch bonnet peppers in Utah. I even went to a Caribbean and African “supermarket”. There were 3 almost-bare, dusty shelves and luckily they had a bottle of scotch bonnet sauce, it was worth the suspicious looks I received from the lady in a headdress running the store. I’ve wanted to make Jamaican Jerk chicken, and last night I decided to make it into a pizza. I feel like it was my first successful attempt at yummy, soft pizza dough. I feel so proud! I have a pizza stone (it was just cooling on a cookie sheet), but all of the sudden I want to go buy a pizza peel and make pizza all the time- margarita, pesto, alfredo, BBQ chicken…so many options. I think I want to have Pizza Fridays now at our house. Too much? Naw… that crust was too good. All you gotta do is say the word and we’ll let you in on the party. As long as you can handle the fact that your pizza might be rhombus shaped rather than circle...


M+H said...

I can handle it! I love me some good pizza!

Mike's family always had pizza Sundays growing up and the whole family (all 8 kids + parents) would get together and make yummy pizzas. Every now and then they still make Morgan Family pizza and it's delicious. Unfortunately his mom now works for Weight Watchers and so she doesn't make her delicious pizza anymore because it's not very WW friendly!

Katie Hagen said...

how fun! i've had a pizza stone forever, but never made good enough pizza dough to appreciate it. how did they make pizzas for so many people? do they have a double oven? i wish i had one. actually i just wish i had 1 normal oven, ours is pretty crappy. :)


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