Thursday, May 31, 2012

little miss speedsters

I have been eying various vintage-style {metal frame} kids cars online for months, the ones I was finding cost hundreds so I was in the process of crushing that little dream when these little beauties came along:
On a fabulous sale for $49! I did such a good job selling Brad on how we needed one that he thought we should get TWO! Which is a lot more fun for the girls, and I'm such a crazy nostalgic type of person that I imagine 25 years from now my daughters will be thanking me because they each have one for their children to ride. I'm weird like that, maybe because I was the youngest child of 6 and my mom didn't keep that many of my things, I swear my pictures skip from a couple of newborn pictures to when I was one. I've certainly over-compensated my loss with J&L...
Sometimes I start to think it's been about a month (or maybe sometimes only a week) since I've taken some pictures of the girls with the real camera and just thinking about it makes me tired. It's fun picking out outfits and backgrounds and silly themes to play with, but it takes work and the girls are a couple of wild cards who may or may not cooperate. Yet, literally every single time I decide to do it there isn't one regret and it turns into such a fun, memorable experience for the 3 of us! Every. Single. Time.  We laugh and have fun and crazy stuff happens sometimes- but it makes memories and I end up with a bunch of cute pictures that remind me of that very day, what stage the girls were in and what they were doing making that little "shoot" special and fun.
While the girls napped I assembled their new cars, I'm a mechanic of infantile locomotives! Then I fed the girls, got them dressed, and introduced them to their new best friends.
They both ran up to them and wanted to sit on them. And at first they just sat there, stunned. So I wheeled them around to teach them about the whole wheel thing- and they loved that!

They worked on moving themselves.
They gave up and pushed the things.
They honked the horns.
They'd have some car troubles, but the handy little things kicked that tire and hopped back on.
Then they'd get back on and try again. For some reason I like this blurry pic, I guess it gives the illusion of motion, which is all the girls are these days- the twin tornado going from room to room causing {adorable} trouble:
Once we'd had our fun I took them into the other room and gave them some graham crackers and June went running back into the room. She found her necklace, put it on, found lyla's headband, and climbed onto her car. When Lyla chased in after her she handed Lyla her headband to put back on. "The show must go on!" She literally said that, it was a miracle.

June liked it.

Lyla liked it.

The end!


stella and olivias mommy said...

CUTEST. TWINNIES. EVER. well, besides mine, of course. love this little shoot!!

Alicia said...

Those cars are so cute! I am jealous, but I need to stop buying toys. We have so many, and we don't even play with all the ones we have. Sigh. That's a cute idea to keep them for L&J's someday kids. I love all the pictures! Usually I think June looks more like you, but somehow in the closeup picture, her expression reminds me so much of Brad. And Lyla's little curls are adorable. I would still like to take pictures for you so let me know a day that works for you!


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