Saturday, September 22, 2012

England-Hong Kong...where do I begin?

Let me start out by telling you- All I ever wanted was to live in England and have a happy family and travel the world. I guess it's a lot to ask, but in a sense this vacation was like all of my wildest dreams coming true for 2 weeks. The trip was perfection to me- the girls did awesome and were so pleasant, Brad loved it- the musicals, the golf, the accents, the beauty of the land- he really seemed to take it all in which really pleased me, it was fun being with my parents, we had perfect weather and I couldn't have imagined it going any better.  Even though we were traveling with babies it felt like a vacation in the truest sense of the word- which was a pleasant surprise. I got full nights of sleep and had 3 extra sets of hands with the girls that I don't normally have everyday. I was imagining China, but forgot I'm not nursing the girls and they don't wake up every couple hours anymore, plus we had my parents this time- easy peasy.
We traveled through...
and even took a day trip to Paris!
Don't hate me. ;)
I can't lie- I didn't want to leave. As we drove home from the airport late at night it felt so weird to be back. I couldn't stop thinking how weird it felt, we were just in all of these amazing places and now we were pulling in our driveway. After I got the girls changed and down for bed I just started sobbing and couldn't stop. I know I don't get any sympathy for those tears, but I just felt so sad it was over. I'd been planning and dreaming about this trip for so long, it exceeded all my expectations and suddenly it was just a memory and it was time to get back to real life. It really was a dream I didn't want to end. I'm normally at least partially relieved/happy when I return home from traveling, but for some reason I wasn't at all this time, I could have stayed there forever. I think my heart belongs in the UK.
I felt so sad for Brad leaving to work the next day. Then all of the sudden Brad had an opportunity come up to be in Hong Kong for a few literally this started happening the day we got home, and leaving 2 weeks later. So...we're moving to Hong Kong next week. Um...I said I wanted to move to England Brad.
Just Kidding...this will be quite the adventure and may open some doors for us so I'll take it. I'm missing some of my favorite time of year, but we'll be home to catch the end of the Christmas season at least. I guess somewhere inside me knew we weren't supposed to be home yet, I was just hoping it was the other side of the earth we were supposed to be on. Till later England, hello Hong Kong! 
{photos taken last year}
It shouldn't be too hard to get around this town with two toddlers on my own...right?
Er...right? Should I worry? 
OKAY. FINE. I'll hire an assistant photographer I mean nanny. 
But only because you are worried.


LL said...

You people know how to LIVE!
I love it!!!
Good for you, always up for an adventure, can't wait to hear about your Hong Kong experiences. It's good to get away and live on your own with your own little family. You'll grow (just in those few months) and learn to rely on each other.

Stephanie Lee said...

What an awesome trip!!! And how exciting to live in Hong Kong for a few months. So many adventures. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a love for England. :)

emma said...

HONG KONG!! you are one brave, adventurous woman. that is so exciting! can't wait to hear more about your fabulous trip to england!

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

This is so funny for me to read! because you want so desperately to live in England (Where I am from) whereas I want so desperately to live in California! and I really don't love England but I guess it's whatever is different and new for you whereas I think Cali is just super cool and amazing in every way! Glad you had an amazing vacation though and good luck with the Hong Kong move - how exciting! maybe it will be England next! We're living in Vancouver right I feel we're getting closer to Cali step by step! haha


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