Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fever Pitch

I married a sports addict. It's not a big shocker for me, but I'm still getting used to it. Luckily Brad's a good sport about evening it out with plenty of chick flicks. Tonight we were due for a chick flick. When we started Brad sacrificed the end of a baseball game in the 8th inning. After the movie ends on comes ESPN again, and the game is STILL going on. Disgusting. I told Brad if I were one of the players I'd just let the other team score so I could go home. I can't believe not everyone would agree after 5 hours running around a field hitting a ball. Sometimes the idea of sports really makes me laugh, I think about how it's what little kids do and somehow it ends up being this big deal and people are making tons of money, it's people's jobs. It's weird to me when I think about it.
All that being said, Go Yankees! It looked cold and it must have been fun to win and get shaving cream shoved in your face. (although if I were in charge I'd certainly use whipped cream)


Brad said...

The best is when you try and sneak out of bed when i'm asleep so you can watch sportscenter. I know you secretly love sports and can't get enough:) You're so hardcore, but don't worry, I'll keep your secret between us.

Katie Hagen said...

so you've found my blog. i thought it'd be a secret from you forever.
you're right, i've been so pumped about the poker championship and definitely consider playing cards a sport. and now you've exposed my closet "sports" addiction on the internet.

Emily Hagen said...

Katie, I've gotta admit, I was hoping to find a chance while you guys were engaged to pull you aside and fill you in on just how addicted the Hagen boys are to sports. But then I realized, I really didn't get it until I was married to one (even after we'd been dating a year and a half), so I figured you would have to discover that little treasure for yourself ;)

However, f you ever find yourself completely sports-ed out (believe me, I've been there) give me a call and we can go catch a chick flick :)

Katie Hagen said... you're right, there's no way to understand it until you live with it. it's nice to know someone else knows just how i feel. :)
i'd love to do something girly with you sometime, it's a good excuse to get together! i feel like i never see you anymore..

Brooke said...

You have a blog!!! Katie I miss you so much! I'm not going to lie, I'm so jealous Bradley gets the privilege of living with you! haha. I'll have to call you when my crazy week is over.


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