Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions. It's not too late, right?

Those Darn Resolutions. I almost decided not to worry about it this year. (I already broke my first can I exercise when I'm sick?) Yet, there is always appeal in the idea of becoming better. Every year I make big plans, and I think I fulfill *most* of them, but I’m not really sure because I’ve normally forgotten what they were by the end of the year. For example I could say that my goals this year were to:
1. Be accepted and half way complete an accelerated nursing program.
2. Travel to an awesome country illegally.
3. Discover how I look with a rasta style hair-do.
4. Find a husband and wed myself to him.
5. Ride a camel with this man in an exotic land.
I would have completed all of these goals, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t set any of them (except maybe the nursing one). This is my public record that I can look back to so that I can remember those things I’d really like to improve in my life and see how I’m doing with them. Ideal me is telling me how to make life a little more ideal.

My Resolutions for 2010:

I will find a way to enjoy nursing school and actually try to be a good student.

This year I will successfully earn my BSN and pass the NCLEX.

I will exercise 3-4 times a week (basically every other day) and memorize how to spell the word “exercise” without spell-check.

Treats will be had in my home on no other day but Sunday. (and special occasions)

I will not forget about fruits and vegetables. (avocados and mangos don’t count)

I will stay hydrated by drinking water frequently. (my favorite, easy healthy thing to do)

I will learn how to use that awesome camera Brad got me for Christmas. I'm gonna make videos AND learn how to edit them!

I will try to keep better track of my keys and cell phone so as not to cause frustrating situations for me or my husband.

I will finish (and will also need to start) my mission scrapbook. That was definitely a goal from last year.

I will open up my machine and sew again, make at least 1 quilt.

I will learn something about politics and government. (I regret never taking a class, anyone know any good books?)

Obvious things that will make me better that are sometimes forgotten: Read in the scriptures every day, attend the temple at least once a month, be more purposeful when I fast, and try to think of others more.

That’s it for now, wish me luck!

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