Monday, January 18, 2010

California and Work

So, Brad is in San Francisco today for work and I’ve got the day off, go figure. Our arrangements of work and school never seems to coincide how I’d like them to. Actually, I don’t really like it when he goes anywhere without me... Right when we got home from our honeymoon, just the fact that Brad left for work each day didn’t work for me. I was a big sap that first week and wanted to cry every time the door shut in the morning. Luckily, I got past that, but I do hate sleeping alone. I hate it, so I will reminisce and blog till I feel better. I am trying to remind myself that we did get 2 weekend trips to California together in the Fall. California really is a beautiful place. Our first trip was with my family at Newport Beach:

The Yummiest nachos and Pina Colada ever- Las Brisas.

Then Brad had to leave for work before we could go to one of the most magical places in the world, Disneyland. (Note to self: We are grateful for work. We are grateful for work, really we are.) So our big family group of 21packed up and headed for the Park.

The Haunted Mansion was decorated like the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Space mountain is my favorite ride, I went on it 3 times. (no lines on a Tues in October!) My mom loves it too.
Don't Worry, I don't know those people behind me. You can tell this ride is in my comfort zone. The Tower of Terror on the other hand, was not: (notice how everyone else is smiling and I'm screaming bloody murder) I'm not normally into big falls, but my brother Aaron convinced me to go on this, and I actually had fun! This was my first time going to California Adventure, and I thought it was pretty awesome.
These pics are poor quality; I like taking pics of the screen with the picture so I don't have to pay for it. :)

Our second jaunt over to California was a work-related trip to San Francisco: We didn’t really take pictures or do anything touristy; but we ate the best pizza I’ve ever tasted and I window shopped as we ran through the streets of San Fran till our feet hand blisters.

I get frusterated because when I have breaks, brad is working. When he has trips, I'm in school. BUT...I'd now like to give a shout out to work, without which, no trips to California could be made (with or without me). So, in the end, I'm glad for that love-hate relationship I have with work. Thanks for working Brad, and thanks for letting me be a sap sometimes. Life can't be all play, and maybe when I quit paying to work myself and actually get a paycheck, I'll like work even more. Maybe. :)


Alicia said...

You're such a cutie, Katie! I'm sorry you're lonely today... I don't like sleeping apart from Geoff, either.

Sorry I totally blanked about dinner tonight... guess it wouldn't have worked anyway. We'll find a time soon!

Brooke said...

Katie! I wish I had known Bradley was gone this weekend, then I would've come visit! You're so cute, love you miss you!


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